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So, I thought that weeks start officially. Hello everyone. Welcome again to we need to talk about ghosts. As, mentioned, will not speak show we have a very, very special guest. we have the wonderful Edna Brown with us and didn't reveal her name US time because I wanted to surprise bought. She's tone I. Mean we'll speak Tabatha now I'm we'll go over after she's actually accomplish which is loads and she's tried factor. Now, of British soap seventy two don't brookside coronation street's Emmerdale I think it's only eastenders they need to get your cell phone and. I always wanted to understand brookside obviously wanted like Sheila Grant Chrissy, Rogers, played them brookside. And say another character to just be in the back of shot in police eastenders. London rate as we used to have those away days than you. And I just think wouldn't it be great if the three of us we just in the back of The Queen Vic. Shopping bags so you going on. On. This. The first. This is the first time of being on. No No, no this is the first the first time I've been on it. On it's funny that we had to talk about ghosts because I did go for an audition to for coronation street and it's to be less dentist is wife. But I knew before I got there. Even that was a good audition not I wasn't going to get it. Just a sign or knowing because I bumped into Derek Cora. Jerry. On, on the. Before just before ears filming that. All right. Now, what are you doing all? I'm going for gun for addition and Coronation Street. And he just looked at me is when the having promote game. Right Okay All Amok at nothing. No No, no, no no. No, it was just. It was like one of those where he just had to listen to voices. Sounds like that. Now she's not all that was. But I'm just going into it it's one episode fingers crossed. For more because I had to really lovely time when it was there. And? I'm the mother of the prostitute. Things are looking up things are looking up who is it gorge? I never actually had to seeing the third but paths crossed obviously even in she was. And she was so lovely our help you back in. She was and she texted me she texted me that night. It was 'cause I. I've lost track of it now. But like we never I used to all the time because we. Addict. Since, we have stop watching. Vicki. down. Right down is Mister Barlow's Song I think and his his wife died to with a young baby and he paid play. He pays sorry my daughter to dress up and his wife's clothes. Come. Yeah. Sanderson. Initially Louise could be mad at. Interested of some backstory the we used to do me, but me in Becker worked. But we volunteered for kind to delivering food parcels and stuff. The guys know about that could reach sometimes recode episodes of the car normally a fast food delivered. At, balls the guy who runs a Steve Ivana Charity Time doesn't exhaust prevents an ethnic even gave. A few performances from the. Show von Yeah does that. was imposed while now it's like saying tobacco when you got. I know if. I should do token towards. Yeah. Because Stephen both load copies of the because well, jazz assignments. Del Could. So but anyway, but that'd be talking to the Athlon said she's got. Some history with the supernatural. Before we go into that you obviously, we found some not nice that you vote she. You've also got a lot of you found you'll you'll? Only found you foot in the door with. Broadway sorts of the. The process very first. Time this sort of hit a major stage at being done. you know you to play your first and then so this was the very first time it was up and running from the playhouse Barbara. Dickson was the lead. UNDERSCO field who lots of people know from the other one for field what was load since? Thank goodness. Another really good friend of mine also, not Davey edge a wonderful musician and also paid with him on. A few times times. So so lots of people are not unthanked was the very first time actually be onstage. Professionally anywhere. Five. Hours in the chorus on then One night when Barbara wasn't going stage only had to go on in place but then she wasn't at all and so I did over fifty shows in the western in the West and the rest then as that that was the first job that was the first job. So buffer I own that role. She was Mrs Johnston I she was the mother of the twins the defendant. Lead. Yeah. That's got. It is it is. Academic interest. I've I've seen blueprint this kind of piecemeal. I went along. Showing A in the empire. and. Dean Sullivan Jimmy Coco is a team so. A. Ginny Coal Clean. He was the narrator one of the empire. and. I I just couldn't get around around it because it let. Yeah. I mean, I'm forty one. Now I was about maybe child nineteen, twenty five. At the. Twenty plus years ago I remember couldn't get drama. It was Jimmy who they're in the pleats. So because he walked, he was walking around the sets in Lake. AND LOOKING DOWN STATEMENT POLL To Bruce. Couldn't stop laughing accounting. Also to go on the do so we left off we to go in the past. And and that. I caught the second half. Yeah. 'cause I arrived late for the show I mean sad to drink prior and didn't realize we missed half of. Bonds. Have seen it bought to castle who was the Mrs Johnson's can you remember? No of course? No no no. No. What's to with anything. New. Well another strange again. Look for this connection because once it was played by Kiki Dee..

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