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White Sox lose 2 to 1 for a game that featured three runs and 10 total hits. It was actually pretty exciting game between two very good teams. The Blue Jays are much more desperate than the White Sox at this point, because Blue Jays have a bunch of teams to jump if they're going to make the playoffs, But there with thin, striking distance sort of They just can't afford to many trip upset, really played well. In the last week or so, 10 days. They had lost seven of nine going into last night, but they got a great performance from Alkmaar. Noah, who is going to be the real deal. I compare them a little bit yesterday to Lance Lynn. I said, it's It's funny. He's He's got some Lance Lynn in him. I just kind of like a big burly Badass on the mind, you know, but they they both. They showed their stuff last night and I thought like I said, for a low scoring game, and it's frustrating. It was. It was a good game of the socks stranded some opportunities quite frankly against me, Noah And now we can nit pick what went wrong in the sixth and in the eighth that caught the White Sox the game, But they had some chances against Genoa. They did. They just couldn't get the big hit when they needed Jose Bre. You leads the league in RBIs, eyes. Unfortunately, he also leads the league's the league in grounded into double plays. And, you know that was a problem yesterday and most of the time you trust Jose to get a big run, and he couldn't do it yesterday. And without TA. They're really struggling in the three games that to has missed. They've scored five total runs, and in each of the games, Tony LaRussa has decided to go with Cesar Hernandez at the top of the order. He is one for 11 with five strikeouts. And one run scored in those three games. Please come back Tim Anderson. Now they're not I yelling him! Which I'm taking is a good sign, but they still wouldn't commit to him playing tonight. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that for the second straight series they're playing on Astro Turf York. I don't know. But I say Let's get let's get to the action. Come back, 233 and Oh, pitch with first base open. All right, let's get to it. Throws it right over to play and see the in your mistake. Okay, Here we go. And we're and you're you're 100%, right? We're going to nitpick these things, but I'm just trying to make the bigger point that they scored five runs in three games, right? I don't care how good you pitch when you don't score car. You've got to be perfect. Thank you Problem. That's the problem now Yurko brings up The elephant in the room, okay? And they've got the blue Jays. By the way. Those uniforms I think I just mentioned it, like a week ago. Those uniforms are awesome. Just got to say it again. I mean, they're just awesome. Okay, so they've got a runner on might have been beset. I think it was right. The shot was on 2nd 1st base is open. The White Sox have a one Nothing lead in the sixth. There are two outs. And they fall behind. Maybe sort of very practically three. Oh, To Vlad Guerrero Jr. Who is easily the M V P. If not for one show. Hail Tani! That's kind of your lads having You know, you have to be careful in that situation and with the base open, you're really not playing games. Unfortunately, as your co said the 30 pitch had entirely Too much of them. I mean, it was the middle middle, but it was a strike. No, no, no, but it was certainly outside third. It was a strike More emphasis on the third. Yes, And you know what Great hitters do Glad Guerrero didn't try to do too much and just thought to himself if it's anywhere in the zone. Guess what I'm doing on three. I'm swinging, and that's what he did, and he delivered the game tying him. Then. Caruso is visibly upset in the dugout is, Chu announced Debbie Zavala. When the poor rookie gets back to the dugout. Lance Lynn tried to own this afterwards. And then I want your reaction to it. York This is Lance Lynn in the post game, and I think he tried to tell the Russo right then and there. Hey, that's on me, Lance for you just kicking yourself about that three old pitched of, lad. Can you take us through that sequence? Yeah, it was stupid. Uh, there's no other way to say. I told Tony that when I got in, that was all on me. I was trying to throw a ball and I ran back over the plate or when you go back and look at it's not terrible location, but Not the three strike. There was never any intentions of going to shake it, actually. Want to go up and away and be done with the bat and get on to the next guy and So all right where you know, he seemed to be looking for it. You definitely don't want to do that. There was was not not the idea not to play and not what I was intending to do. Still considered pretty good start. If you think that was maybe your only mistake. Yeah. I mean, when you look at the mistake, I made those terrible. So, um, but all in all, uh, you know, seven and I had a good Back and forth going, Uh, moving ball in and out, changing some speeds. Everything felt pretty good. So, uh, you know, when you come back to it, if you don't make a stupid mental mistake, you know you could be looking at seven innings of No runs. But you still know it could happen after you walked ago. But you just You can't let glad to beat you there on the three old pitch for no matter what, All right, so Why? I mean, if the intention was the walk them, Why not? Just put up the four and say Okay, go.

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