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And needles numbness burning right tangling cramping. You know, maybe some restless legs syndrome. So I'm just sitting here my leg is twitching right now. That's the same thing. Are you checking them off for me? As I get older. I think I am right. So with that said, you learned the symptoms. You don't learn what it's doing to a soul. So to describe how this is we have a brain that controls every cell tissue, organ or body and leaves our brain goes down are back out as a large nerve fiber. Now that controls large things that controls your muscles. Control, your heart, a controllers your pancreas, your liver your legs. And when it gets to the end, the peripheral your hands and your feet this tiny little guy, the top layer of your skin caught a small nerve, fiber citrate there, and it makes you feel things. Right. So people with the that nerve gets damaged, and when it case damage, then all of a sudden this numbness, most everybody gets the numbness that numb feeling. They kind of put their foot on the ground. They are not feel like they used to it feels like my Foot's asleep like your Foot's asleep. I've never had it and pray. That I don't have it. But when people describe it to me over three thousand people who've come through my office, everybody kind of has their Alicarte of symptoms. But the way I pictured is when you are sitting on the couch, and you put your foot underneath your leg. You watch your fifteen minutes of a show. And then you decide to go ahead and get up and you put that foot underground. Yeah. Now that foot at feels like a swollen pillow teen gli. Poppy almost like sparkly sparklys a good word. I like that one that one. Yeah. So you put it on the ground, and you do you get that sparkley like pins and needles feeling maybe even that sharp little stabbing kind of pain, but she looked down in your foot is the same as the other one. And you're feeling the totally different. And then he can go to walk. And when you go to walk, you expect it to hit that ground. Right. And it's not really there you feel like it should be touching the ground which it is. But you don't feel it. So you're kind of walking with this like ginger kinda. Limp waiting for that thing to come back waiting for that feeling to come back waiting for the blood to get there. And it does get there. But it doesn't instantly show up when your foot hits the ground. Does it right? I'm talking myself into this stuff. So you obviously, your balanced goes bad. So a lot of patients that come in their balance will be bad. And and it's. They'll say I start to sway some of the funny things is they say that, you know, I think everybody thinks I'm drunk because they're swaying idle lady today, she was a new patient. And she's like, I swear that everybody thinks I'm I'm drinking, and I'm not saying I had to have her walk down the hallway because she just doesn't feel the floor. She's not sure winner foots hitting the ground. You're wobbly feeling when it's like that. You're like, okay. I'm trying to time it, but you do you. You can't. Yeah. I'm gonna go with that. I'm wobbly feeling the wobbly feeling that's exactly right. The great thing about my experience. When I sit on my foot, and I put it out. And I feel that Iraqi pseudo neuropathy kind of feeling right? I get it back people with rob the they don't get it back, and unfortunately, neuropathy just continues to get worse and worse. The intensities of the pains get worse and worse. It's not just part time and become full-time. Maybe sometimes it's a seven out of ten pain. Sometimes if the two sometimes people don't even have pain, some people are just straight out numb. And that's I'd say that's the global version of neuropathy is a numb feeling right. The wild the numb peeling that your hands. Emmy anything to do with your circulation is going to be scary. You say it's not ever without treatment gonna get better. Yeah. You had told me before there were people and medical professional people that the attitude was basic like now if you gotta eat at it, right? Flashed it at one my doctor today said that near I probably might be neuropathy, and then there was nothing else about it. And I instantly thought well wait there is something else about and that's exactly right. That's exactly what they do. They go through it. And doctors are scared to say that patients have it because they don't have anything that they can fix it. And they don't want to hear that. Right. You've got this. And I don't know what to tell you, right. And in reality history, when we have any type of ailment, we go to the doctor, and they have a cure. They have something. I have a cold. You have medicine for me. I break an arm. You have a cast for me. I sprained ankle you have therapy for me neuropathy, all they have is medicine to try to dim the pain, which is unfortunate because that doesn't Idress it. They just up the medicine. So it amassed the pain. It becomes very difficult for them to deal. Deal with so with that we've come up with this new program. It's not new we've been doing this for since two thousand thirteen in it works. Great. I'm going to ask you about the program..

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