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To church member there day they were talking about roy rogers and arbi's used to have those roast beef sandwiches and they still do around there what happened on jimmy kimmel last i didn't they do ma lean tweets yeah he had dug jake jilin all john lithgow jim parsons jennifer lines and alec baldwin all being selfeffacing enough to read me mean tweets about themselves and their some you know very money you get into social media tweets to date people get nasty so these are stars reading tweets about themselves jay joan all john lithgow jim parsons jennifer lauren shimon alec baldwin ben yes i sure he gets a lot of maine tweet each let's see who got the worst job killing all has the most controversial face of all time i'd like nothing more than to sock him in his ugly soft starryeyed plug face i bet the john lewis goes ball fak looks exactly like his face by faces god complemented by my wall socket two parsons looks like a ventriloquist's dummy became the wife to become a sex offender owner jennifer larence gives really unenthusiastic how did they know real donald trump writes just tried watching the saturday night live unwatchable not funny and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse sad when the result of hebron the resident first may tweets pay thirty six said cb as their van before we had 9 somebody's gonna win a thousand bucks for ryan i yet their sued trapping then they're aching outta group traffic center that twenty 18 mini heart have to door has arrived tests drag one it many of mahmut and many of west chester inbound george ninety five minutes all in such a closure but a truck fire that has been cleared under the apartment the cleanup of this track pryor has to be done sixty minutes.

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