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Another 10 5 hands out to the dagger Double touchdown. Five games to go, and the number one seed is in their sights. Only they're wanted by the company's here on being beaching have their way. Packers welcome the Philadelphia Eagles, the Lambo. Our coverage kicks off it. 12 noon. We're the home of Packers Football news Radio WTMJ, Milwaukee. That's well noon. It is 34 degrees. Mostly cloudy today see a chance of flurries high of 38 from the WTMJ breaking news Center. I'm Tony Braddock with a three game lead over the Vikings and bears atop the NFC north of eight and three. Packers take the field in week 13 against the 37 and one Philadelphia Eagles Packers will likely play the rest of the regular season without starting center Corey Lindsley. But suffering the offensive line is nothing new for head coach Matt LeFlore. You know, we'll miss Cory, but it is what it is, and we'll make the best of it. Despite the revolving door, Aaron Rodgers has been sat down just 12 occasions, fewer than any quarterback in the NFC. Well, the versatility really is a credit to the players are guys have done a great job and again? I think that starts with the leadership in that room. Pragmatic WTMJ sports are Packers Game Day coverage begins in just a couple of minutes with opening drive right here. A 24 year old man is dead after a shooting overnight in downtown Milwaukee. Police say it happened just before 3 30 this morning near Buffalo and water streets. The victim was leaving a bar when you struck multiple times by gunfire and pronounced dead at the scene. Police are looking for suspects. Ah House party in Milwaukee Saturday night, turning deadly police. A 17 year old girl shot at her home near 86 Silver Spring happened around 11 30. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Officers are still looking for suspects. Under the city. Milwaukee's current health order, even bars and restaurants with approves safety plans must cap capacity and 50%, editor in chief of the Milwaukee Business Journal, Mark CASS, tells WTMJ. The timing of things could not be worse. The restaurant to make so much money in this time between the holidays are really not making any of that now, so this is going to be hard you know, Trying to make it through to get into next year is gonna be tough for a lot of these restaurants. One Dane County president battling a major covert 19 outbreak, the county's health department says 74 total cases with one inmate Hospitalized. The Dane County Sheriff's office is number of active cases fluctuates is some enter or leave the jail county Sheriff Dave Mahoney telling W. E A. C T V believed that it was introduced to a staff member dirt because nobody else will out into the institution. He says the one hospitalization is not considered serious Power restoration efforts underway in parts of.

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