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The fourth quarter deroga has it behind the three point line drives on jamal murray shows out of the way with the hand throws baseline goes out of bounds last touch by mason plumlee though on the deflections and that'll be miami basketball underneath make it on the side with fourteen seconds on the shot clock and the miami heat confused on what kind of play they wanna run here the settlement play number five and wayne ellington looks good a controls into the free throw line to auto by your hands it off behind him to draw drag it's drives on very got foul shots not gonna county did make james johnson gonna come back in and bam autobytel comes out once again miami basketball on the side or they take forever all these addicts on the side place here wayne ellington looks and slaps the basketball gets it into james johnson gerbil and a hand off the draw draw which has his past in stolen nicola yokich knocked it away loose ball devin harris harris goes coast to coast has it knocked out of his hands and script by dragen she got right back drug it's goes down the lane runner up no good in the loose ball comes down to only three one ninety nine to ninety eight wall mary has it across the timeline wilson shale we're gonna come back in for denver murray looks at a double team throws out of do catch touch past the quarter to tori craig for three jumpers good tory craig got it right back one zero two to ninety eight it's a four point lead for denver james johnson has it up the right wing he's got it out there by nicole yoga goes to the left hand is at the free throw line passes downloaded drug it's jump shot to the baseline no good rebound down to mason plumlee throws it away devin harris lazy pass through right to only now ellington for three kindersley award.

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