ABC, Bloomington, Mitch Mcconnell discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Monday, June 26, 2017


Tonight breaking news this justinian but critical new numbers on the senate healthcare bill how many americans could be left uninsured and president trump declaring victory for his travel ban the supreme court reinstating part of his executive order raging wildfires in the west nearly two dozen fires burning homes in flames hundreds of families evacuating bar reporter on the fire line collision course the new report the cabinet of that massive cargoship claiming the uss fitzgerald did not respond to warning signals moments before the deadly crash panic in the sky the passenger plane violently shaking in mid air who possible engine damage caught on camera pilot telling passengers to pray tonight what we've learned about why this happened this is abc news to not with david muir good evening i'm tom yomise in for david tonight and we begin with that breaking news from capitol hill tonight the senate's planned to repeal and replace obamacare facing an uphill climb senate majority leader mitch mcconnell aiming for a vote by the end of the week the president sounding optimistic but there is resistance from a growing number of senators from their own party resistance to at town halls and protest around the country just today this diane in bloomington indiana and tonight the congressional budget office predicting that the plan would leave millions more americans uninsured while raising premiums for some of the most vulnerable abc's mary bruce starts a soft tonight on capitol hill now the pressure mounting tonight republicans are scrambling to negotiate you're gonna get tf.

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