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List James Komi still has. Security clearance might take that away they had a whole list? Nixon, had, an enemies list to this is very Nixon isn't yeah it's we have, a list of people who we are looking at because well we're a. Totalitarian, government now the only way to get rid of it well, there are two ways to get rid of a totalitarian. Government, but probably the best way is by voting it out yes if we still can when. That time comes around Sports weather, traffic let's see if you're, in an accident, at first thing you should do is contact the advocates remember they. Don't get paid until you go to Utah advocates dot. Com for more information you. Deserve an advocate well two pieces of bad news from last. Night's, real, Salt Lake game they're on the road in Los Angeles the first one, is they lost two zero but the other thing is Nick Raimondo left. The, game injured all had a hamstring issue and no word yet, on how bad it is or how long he will. Be, out so thank think good healing thoughts for Nick Weather ninety two for a high. Sunshine patchy clouds slight chance of a thunderstorm I've been saying that for a couple of days and it hasn't happened do you mean it this time I mean it more tomorrow. Okay but but I might mean it today Weather brought to you by. Octa pharma plasma make money by? Making a difference donate today. Fifty, four fourteen south nineteen in Salt Lake Traffic is getting heavy. On the I fifteen corridor southbound and Davis. County slowing down around two hundred K's Ville northbound from Draper midvale it's. Thick through there, northbound US eighty, nine Park, Lane. In Farmington. There's a crash there and, I, thought, I saw on the message stream somebody said yes crash. On foothill northbound, twenty-first, south, thank you..

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