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Marty and just wanted to touch base today and talk about some very interesting things that Jerry and I discovered which we should have known but yes we should have we didn't even think about it will help you know you don't especially you know I read the blood transfusions first right blood donors for our dogs and cats yeah you know the at eight it is just a fascinating subject I never thought about it until you brought it up and then I did a little research and here in Virginia we actually have a rather large facility Blue Ridge vet blood bank not far from me maybe twenty miles who knew that's correct and I think people should know of course you could always you know contact your own vet tell you know I don't know if they do it not every vet might do it right now they now have act I'm sure you know in areas they have access I was just asking if even the shelter is you know take blood from some dogs but you know maybe later on I don't think so it really is something that we don't pay a lot of attention to it here and it's something that I think that you can inform your listeners about it's like a red cross for dogs when you think about it the red cross you know has blood drives collect blood to send all over the country but when we think about blood or plasma for dogs we really don't think of a source that we would go to work as an emergency and not thinking but not last up to thirty five days which I think is pretty good they take you there red blood cells and they take plasma and when I okay Rick you down they break it down what normally vets will do if you have a dog that needs a transfusion for surgery they go whole blood to whole blood that would be like just the day the blood from another another dog and put at the transfusion so that it's done at the time of the surgery but the idea of these blood banks canine blood banks is to just as you said to separate it to separate the red blood cells from the plasma and store it in case of accident circuits Visser jury it's definitely for surgery it is and the other thing that I read up that I was surprised at is the transfusions are used for the parvo virus I think they said and of course in the summer that can be a challenge to many vets they have a lot more dogs with that type of virus I think he's the one that settles in the heart that I thought I was just I thought were I think is a horrible it's a horrible yeah I'm thinking that that that's what that is or is the dog has to be in a cage for like six months again and can't move I don't know how you could do that to an animal you know it's it's worms that wrap themselves around the heart is that what that is it sounds like you have to get dogs definitely need to get I think it's a vaccination or shot or something I'm well hot were medication I had waited on of stuff out there and you know as you know more dogs you know people have people have multiple sometimes multiple dogs but there's a lot of animals out there I mean the cell you know diseases can be I mean there's been a couple of cases of I don't know if it's rabies or something else with the with not the possums but with the the raccoon back then you're acting weird it sounds like it's almost like a discount but but you know like they're out during the day in there they look like they're drunk yeah I know I am I just know that here I have I have a large piece of property you can tell when an animal is acting strange and that their behavior is not typical for the environment and so you know when an animal really has that type of disease if it's this temper or what what what were you saying in nam rabies was a rate and you saw in the back down here and I love bats you know I'm all of you know that you know they kill mosquitoes but down here they'll was that that was acting strange and the father put him in a bucket and it turned out that he had rabies and babies I have a great minds in years now I mean yeah but I like I can take pets out of the country oh no no no I never really looked into the canine blood donor type of thing and I will of course Marty's two older he's you are healthy dog you have to be a healthy dog you have do you know it you certainly be a younger dog Marty has his own issues so not a good idea for an older dog but young dogs can donate that blood and you were right they do it through the jugular vein in the next minutes no pain yeah and and they get just like people because I used to donate blood they get a trim yeah I get it towed away they got a yeah yeah and the and if you mean if they yeah and I think it's a wonderful thing and certainly as a pet owner and I've been a pet owner a dog owner for many years I never gave it a second thought just never get sick enough to leave it with cats you know you know it's amazing of course that the same would apply to cats but you just don't think of it and yet I mean I have been fortunate none of my dogs have required major surgery but I guess any dog that requires a major surgery would need a supply of blood and I had eight to twelve different blood types for dogs that's fascinating I didn't know that they have like our universal which most dogs if even if it if they're not a no they could take it but only once and then they have the negatives into positives the negative if you have a negative blood type you can only use the negative but I think when I read is if you have the positive you could have either raw but you know then they they type you anyway a man and if its plasma you know it might not be a problem but you know they say they use it mostly for surgeries and you're right because that's no guarantee but you know with some some animals do nida do need blood you know special they've had you know they fit by a car and they've lost a lot so I think it's terrific I'm gonna I think it is to put it on the Facebook page unleashed and you know why some information they have but an absolutely and of course most most of the time this is totally voluntary it's not like you're getting a a monetary compensation needs some some vets will give we'll we'll give a monetary compensation a discount on future wouldn't that be wonderful right maybe that's how much the young and healthy be lays you're talking about to get right well you know it's like to go to a red cross facility I need a facility where they could do this of course most vets would be able to do it now they would need to storage that's to say that one thing that I think that's the issue that many vets individually might not have the capacity to store it and that's why it's not very well known locally individually as a pet owner that facility in Purcellville Virginia is a large facility any service I think they said something like three states West Virginia Virginia and Maryland and it is an all volunteer you bring your dog in to donate that blood and then they distribute that blood through different veterinary hospitals or veterinarians in the tri state area so that's a it's like a red cross for dogs actually actually storing the blood there my bet is the local gentleman he's been around for many years he has a small office I so he would have the capacity to store it but it's wonderful I think if you put on that on least page because people can check into it again they'll get a little service I'm sure they have it yes no yeah there are some I could put the list down as well yeah there are some facilities like your facility but there are some that you can go to but yes get out and we know about animals and I found this out not too long ago but who even thought of that I know I think it's a great idea and I'm glad you brought it up as a topic for you show and denigrate people where else if you do that an awful lot of books I mean you know they're a mammal and they want to save them please that's an and they have the mail those talks all of that I think we should look into that little while well you know these shoes they have to be on hand hello Sir did you have the facilities are hospital facilities I'm sure have you know a transfusion that are common place at those facilities and I'm sure they have stated the art equipment and probably have a supply of blood on veterinarian science for big animals and for Jews is is a godsend for sure yeah they are very very special well I think that is where if any out body out there is listening wants to know what to be I thought my god yeah be it you don't need to be a cat and dog fat yeah bunch of all the ladies come in and and actually made a diss we need like well it's exciting in this you know we now with the social media and Facebook I mean that in draft kept me up for hours in the middle of the night waiting for her to give birth all of the baby to ramps not that one okay I can actually see it now the cameras you know the impact tomorrow I'm actually going to a wildlife center here in Virginia they have an open house twice a year that they allow the public to come in and they give you a tour of the wildlife center they bring in injured wildlife so the last time I took my grandsons a couple of years ago and we saw a beautiful eagles that were being rehabilitated and they are at least some back so the Waynesboro wildlife center does this twice a year that they allow the public in and and that is wonderful but I also and I'm sure you've done this to watch the web cams that they put in in the nests then you can watch here the illegals song now Ian Wilson the falcons or or any wild animal they use the webcam the technology today allows you to be right there and up close nature up close that is just phenomenal so for animal lovers this is great technology that we have now not when we were growing up it was so so difficult you you had to go to a zoo to see any animal now you can watch these animals up close.

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