President Trump, Ambassador Hale, Senator Johnson discussed on Overnight re-air of day's programming


Briefly to residents concerns about foreign assistance Under Secretary Hale who will be with us later today testified that during this relevant time frame there was a a real focus to re examine all federal aid programs are you aware that interest of the president I'm generally aware of the president's skepticism toward foreign aid and you know conditioning foreign aid on certain things I'm generally aware of that yes and ambassador Hale testified in his testimony in public almost zero based concept that each assistance program in each country that received the program be evaluated the program made sense that we avoid nation building and that we now provide assistance to countries that are lost to us in terms of policy whether it's because corruption or or you know another reason is that something you're aware of it at the time generally yes okay and you're certainly aware that the president was concerned about the European allies the contributions to the region exactly why was involved okay so you know as we get down to September eleventh right before the eight year you're advocating that that the pause be listed correct yeah I didn't think the PA I personally don't think the positive ever been put in okay but as we get down to September eleventh and you're talking with senator Johnson and and so forth you don't know with certainty that the genuine reason the president was implementing a pause wasn't because it is his concerns about the allies or his concerns about foreign assistance generally or that he wasn't just trying to hold the eight as long as he could to see what he could you know what type of information you can get about those two subjects fair enough okay I am really trying to finish up before my so I can deal some time back anything else Mr.

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