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News kg own San Francisco A cumulus station your home for the most important election of your life election 2020. This's breaking news breaking news on KGO 10 3 People are dead as the result of the bear fire, which is part of the north complex fire warring through the Plumas National Forest, east of Chico. Wind is whipping the flames up tonight, which are rising up to the crowns of trees and sending sparks in Butte County. There are reports at least five people were severely burned. They got trapped in the Berry Creek area right now, first responders are searching there. As there may be more people that couldn't get out again. Three people are dead as the result of the bear fire. This north complex fire is burning in the pine forest running parallel to the feather River. At a rate of about 1000 acres per half hour. Taking a look at KGO traffic and injury crash over to the right hand shoulder in Walnut Creek eastbound 24 before the 6 80 connector memory villa to vehicle records over to the right hand shoulder eastbound 80. That is right after Powell street delays are starting right around the 80 over crossing and continue past that almost Gilman Street. Copeland, a two vehicle wrecked stuck in the right lane. He's found 5 80 before 98th Avenue, seeing traffic starting to tighten up right around Killer Avenue, 80 north bound between industrial Parkway and tennis and road traffic sensors are picking up some sluggish traffic. There is a crash before Alvarado now's that's been moved over to the shoulder and no delays on BART system wide. All trains are on time, and they run every 30 minutes. With KGO traffic. I'm Ted. I forgot looking toe learn. Then join my car. Others on something you should know. Podcast. Why can't you do both? Why can't you be grateful for what you have but still want more? Let him enlighten you on how to deal with jerks. How to count to infinity and why people believe in aliens? How many people.

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