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To better plan for hikes to better dress for them, especially in bright colors. And to tell people where they're going and not go on a hike. If it's entirely too hot or without a cell phone in Costa Mesa, Craig figure can extend 70 news radio boss Angela's Open again after they pandemic forced it to close its gates back in March. She sure was enjoying the gorilla exhibit with baby Angela, her mom and dad who kept a real close eye on all of us. Denise Everett, CEO and director of the L. A Zoo says some animals noticed people weren't there during the closure, sharing her Own experience. As I was approaching giraffes. They all sort of came over to the nook of where I was standing and were looking very intently at me. Eyes wide open very engaged, she says. Tickets are being sold online in two week blocks, and all guests over the age of two are required to wear face coverings. Gabriella was sharing the zoo experience for the first time with her one year old daughter, and given everything that's been going on, she says. The zoo. If Worth a fresher honestly, it is due to the pandemic. Indoor exhibits remain closed, as well as high touch areas such as Pop Yano Play Park at the zoo. Margaret Carrero K Annex. 10 70 News Radio California lawmakers, We're setting up a task force to study and make recommendations for reparations to African Americans, particularly the descendants of slaves. Of the state Senate supported creating the nine member commission on a bipartisan vote on Saturday. The nature returns to the Assembly for final consideration would require the task force to study the impact of slavery in California and recommend to the Legislature by July 2023 some form of compensation that should be awarded, but it should be awarded or how it should be awarded and who should be eligible for such Compensation. 5 25 coming up in five minutes. Bottom of the hour at 5 30. We'll take a look at that situation is for us that shooting on the four or five and search for the gun person right now we're checking traffic and weather together. Every 10 minutes on the fives Brought to you by burglary insurance here is to agree with It's an injury crash in Lynwood 105 westbound past the 7 10, only the two left lanes open. That means the five right lanes are blocked with an injury crash. Their inland would 17 South bound at the Florence Avenue off ramp. It's a hit and run, a black pickup truck and a gray sedan were involved there in Long Beach. 10 westbound at Rosemead Boulevard in the city of Rose Meet a new traffic hazard with CHP on the way five South bound Alton Parkway in Irvine White car off the road to the right. And into the bushes. Similar story. PICO Rivera Poles down with the fence 605 South bound before Beverly defense on the right.

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