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Way if he fucked up and made a mistake. That's one of those like one in a million fuck ups. So I, understand people not giving him the benefit of the doubt. You know what I mean because that's such was the is it and is value away? who if how call yourself a family friend? If you don't know that Greg I'm a stranger and I know that that's like all I know you don't. Like like they've done press toys about this A. Different like I. Don't know how you cannot know this like. Are you just like? You know what it is. It's like China Cain scamming I. Hope Shocking is a scam 'cause if not, he's the worst fucking. Find raise of all time. And that's how it feels to me like I. Actually Hope he's just being transferred because if. You're the worst family friend they've ever had like. Don't be then. Don't even bring that part of I'm actually have family enemy I hate this child I hate their parents and I'm fucking and I'm also probably like Bra. How did you fuck up this man? Bay for everybody's sake. I hope it was just a mistake, but I can't imagine making a mistake that that bad. Debt Like posted everywhere and you know Gabby is very outspoken and shit and. Gary said nothing about it yet. Maybe you know. Maybe. Maybe I missed something but I if she ain't said nothing. Is a bad look 'cause she's. Gabrielle Union off list. Baby yet. NOMO cookout so events than anything else they get planned. Yeah, I'll see Yeah. Honestly hurts. Say about it so I. I don't know man she tweeting about the rise and shit right now, so it had been hilarious. They was like ooh. What she just. She ignored the fuck out of this year so I don't know. At the Terry crews did around she probably office. She probably off of us for a while. in others terrible news or black tradesman was shot dead by White Cop in Florida's third fatal police shooting in two months. Oh Tony mcdade. A Black Trans man was shot, and of course we had to go through the whole thing. Miss, gender. Miss dead naming, and so it was really confusing. People was like you what happened in the shooting and you know all that stuff. They heard name and all this and people find out more information. It's like Oh, the media and the police MS gender, despite in all the stuff whereas they may twenty, seven hundred weekday, was shot and killed by police officer in Tallahassee North Florida local news, which along with Florida Police Department initially. Miss Gender Day reported that he was a suspect in a fatal stabbing Tallahassee police chief Lars reveal. told reporters at a news briefing the suspect when that stabbing fled on foot and description was provided to responding offices. The suspect's description that was broadcast was a black male wearing all black balled armed with a knife. officers will call around ten five am shortly after the identify man happy staff. He later died from his injuries fifteen minutes after being provided with descriptions, officers confronted Tony mcdaid on a nearby. Street in Parma Complex. He was shot by an unnamed white police officer died in hospital at least eleven, other or genetics, people have been fatally shot or killed by other violent means eight, twenty twenty. You know I wonder if the number this year is going to fall because people can go outside. Some of those. That's the only life positive of of this Kinda Shit is like they'll be less school shooting because Noah's at school stuff like that. Problem. Down all those numbers drop the enlists victims all across the board and all. Districts. Yes, so you know of course because they don't have it on film. I think you'll see less people talking about this because as a black trans. Man You'll see less people talking about it, and also if it's true that he stabbed somebody and they die, you definitely see less people talk about it because you know people mostly like to bring up the cases, even black people. What a sweater! About this, but it kind of ends up being about it every time you gotta bring up the cases where the person was doing absolutely nothing wrong You know with seeing you know why. Would this latest killer name? They keep releasing new videos like. They got one where it's like. He was struggling with the police in the back of the car. It's like. Our saying is that doesn't justify killing. Rights, you have a job to do not. The killing a black person can't be the be all end all of every admission out you know. Let's see a youth pastor white. Oh, I see. A youth pastor claims he was kidnapped by black man to avoid admitting that he was in a hotel room. What Christopher keys has been arrested and charged solicitation of sodomy for attempting to hire a male prostitute, unfortunately his hope for night with the hooker cost typically keys was robbed by two masked men. It's hotel room, but instead of telling the truth. He claimed he had been kidnapped by two black man. Was The while story made his way to facebook. The whole story crumbled as quickly as good pastors reputation. Keys admitted to the beliefs while he was at the hotel and an employee told officers he was a frequent visitor to the location. According to the police admitted his married until I officers that he liked to play around. But that's not the story he wanted to tell. In fact, you tell obviously plan. I'll tell them his family. He was kidnapped. He told the police. I mean okay. He is white, so he knew that the cops wouldn't care. He might. Have the check into the hotel. When he opened his door, expecting hook up, the masked man stepped into the room before skis to the bed. Point where he left to go to pass this truck to take while another man came into, keep him from fleeing The government took his wallet phone. enke's was later. Recover in a Walmart parking lot. He's Auto Fran. He'd been carjacked and kidnapped by two black men who robbed him and took him to the whole tail. Now my question is did the people who were they black like? was he into black prostitutes, or is he just make up? Park has also racist. We don't know. As doors brass on social media. Star Rob Local television station car winner the story and wonder how they could miss the police before for kidnapping, the community at the investigating, they confirmed the whole story was fake, and got the actual story from the.

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