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We're back with our our are returning top ten or ongoing top ten things that did not premiere this year. But people. Yeah. Yeah. You go. First the swamp. Okay. My number ten the Americans final season. Good show. Have you watched any of it? I watched the first season. I got out of it should get back to because I did like it. But then, you know, how when you miss a few episodes of show, you just like what's going on when he comes like so much work to go back to it. Yeah. Yeah. I just I just pushed through in those cases. And I'm like I'll watch the previously on the beginning. The first season of that show is so good with Margo Martindale that her name. She is a fantastic actress as our Keri Russell and the dude whose name did. But he did win the Golden Globe. No, the Americans won for best drama. The Golden Globes. Forget the Golden Globes. The judges. What's your number ten? Oh, what is my number ten? Westworld? Oh, yeah. It was world that wasn't confusing at all this season. Either HBO television program. Should be as high production value by twenty twenty one probably for season. Three two years went pretty fast between high thought when I went off the air is I can't believe this. And I was like, oh, it's already back. Great. I remember you having watch game of thrones. By watch the first couple of episodes. Maybe I'll watch it. But I don't know. But you read the dumdum books. Right. I remember we were in Philly. We're in our hotel room. Oh, yeah. You guys are watching what you said don't watch this. I haven't seen it. But you read the damn books. It was like the third episode or something. Yeah. Well, you flew across the country to visit me, and I was like we could have a conversation. But you'd rather watch that. So that's why I left immediately had never seen it before that moment actually had no idea what was going on. All right. My number nine is a tie to more TV shows, ongoing better call soul and Atlanta Atlanta might have been higher except I haven't seen the whole season yet. So I didn't feel. I didn't feel I could really judge. As well. But I liked the episodes. I saw which were on a plane to Hong Kong. Wait, the episodes where about being a plane of Hong Kong because you went to Hong Kong this year. We're that they called it. Atlanta should have told it to HP. It's just like they called mash mash entire entire time. It was only it was not always mash. No, they they stopped to be insurgents after like three seasons. Then they're just drunks. Yeah. That's my number nine. It's actually the other way around. I think the first few seasons drunks and ended. It became surgeons. Have you wait? Have you watched better call Saul? No because I haven't finished breaking bad Christ. Well, I'm owning the last season the breaking bad though. I can't believe it. Well, so you'll get up to the penultimate episode, and then refused to watch the fish like I finished the penalty an ultimate season a couple months ago. So. Don't think highly of me, what's your number nine the Beatles. Number nine. They have a song called number nine. You'll fans get it. I hate those fans. What was I gonna put number can Schmidt. Oh, yeah. It was a little weak this season compared to the first two. But it's also split like, it's. I think. Yeah. Either is coming backwards already back. I just had trouble thinking of ongoing stuff for some reason. I think there's probably something better. I didn't think of so you'll probably say it, and I'll say I wish I have chosen instead of commitment. But it's still fun and her performances never not good. She's great. Well, let's see what you think about my number eight then Bob's burgers. It was a last minute pick. I was because I was having I was struggling to. And then I was like, oh, except we've been watching like old episodes of Bob's burgers on Hulu like over and over. So let's thing I am not caught up on BAAs burgers. So I don't watch..

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