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The angelo hall of the redskins you said over the weekend i'm not playing he's talking about options going in the front office or working with other organizations not having the media says i'm not playing that's for damn sure now yesterday he walked that back a little bit and said well it's about a met ninety five percents sure that i'm dumpling football but i want to do it the right way i wanted to the washington redskins organization the respect they deserve and obviously do it with them when the time was right so he hasn't officially ruled out did you see how many years he played with the redskins i was stunned by this was when the ten this is it was nine years here yeah nine years so i'll tell you the angelo whole story the angelo bowl is not a shrinking violet de ngelo all was only think of ideas angelo hall was playing for the atlanta falcons when michael vick was playing for the land of falcons and in the year that michael vick got busted for the the dog fighting and was sent away dangelo hall was talking to a group of people including me and said i need gone more time for me and yes i isn't he testing the waters that's what i when i heard this and i read this he's test ways somebody the media want him okay he's available the redskins have said well apparently is in this report the redskins alleged to have a front office position open for him if he would like to do it he says to that really wants to get that goal jagged i vision of gold jacket but the injury the leading goal so that's kind of out of the question not going to the whole who's to say i can get this some other way that's kind of my focus only guy at tickets.

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