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Triple 8 9 7 one S 8 GE, triple 8 9 7 one 7 two four three I am Larry elder we are really affected dot com studio. Doctor Fauci says that people who are vaccinated who have not been boosted have the same risk of contracting the variant as people who are unvaccinated. And guess who's getting the largest retirement pension in federal government history? Doctor Fauci and on CNN, which I watched so you don't have to a biograph biology professor said that the CDC made their new decision on COVID isolation, reducing it from ten days to 5 days. Not based on science. I thought I thought I thought. Triple H 97 one S 8 GE triple 8 9 7 one 7 two four three. Now, first hour, been trying to get to this story. Washington lawmakers are considering a bill that would lessen the penalty for fatal drive by shootings. Why? In order to promote racial equality. To the sponsors, Democrats, of course, says the bill seeks to boost racial equality in the criminal system by eliminating drive by shooting as a basis for elevating, first degree murder, the first degree, aggravated murder. Under the current Washington state law, drive by shootings can be charged as aggravated first degree murder, under certain circumstances, such as, when it fatal. But they want to abolish that. To lower the number of years that. Someone convicted would serve. Tara Simmons, Democrat from Bremerton, Washington. Definitive bill on the grounds that the current law is an example of quote systemic racism. Because the aggravated classification targets gangs, that are predominantly young and black. Close quote. Now, I don't know the racial composition of gangs in Washington state. My suspicion is, they are likely disproportionately young. And black. This is no different than what governor Gavin Newsom did after he survived the recall election. Signed a bill to lower crime enhancements. Again, gang related offenses. Because a disproportionate number of those who were offending were people of color. Never mind they disproportionately large number of the gangs in California, or people of color. It was an example of systemic racism. And again, a disproportionate percentage of the victims are people of color, but we don't really care too much about the victims, do we? Because a criminals are just poor. Offsprings of a unjust society. And we can't expect society to hold them accountable for the things that they do..

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