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Now on a plane that went missing last weekend at a walk. County authorities have found the plane as well as the remains of the pilot. You may remember the plane was reported missing on Thursday evening after disappearing from radar investigators tell us that 76 year old Bill McClane from Georgia was killed in that crash. Happening right now. Police and Coleman are looking for this man you see on your screen they say was involved in a deadly stabbing and happened Saturday night near the intersection of highway 1, 57 and Highway 31 offs to say Nathan Winston Stevens left the scene in a car. Last seen wearing a white T shirt, jeans, white shoes with black socks. If you see him or know where he is, please call the Coleman Police Department will starting in the next few weeks. Best for city schools will be going to a blended learning model. Students will who registered for the new model will start the transition on September. The 28. There will be two groups Group A will attend in person learning Monday Tuesday. Group B will go to school Thursday Friday. Everyone will have virtual learning on Wednesday, the best for superintendent Dr Autumn, Jeter says 53% of best, More school parents decided to keep their Children home all year, but 47% are ready to come back to school. Will be a lot of social distancing measures in place. Maybe tape on the floors in the hall way to remind them to space out and what side would walk on? Dr Jenner says that this decision came after speaking with Jefferson County Health officer Dr Mark Wilson, she says this new option is flexible and parents can certainly change their minds. Well, New this morning. We're hearing reports of Internet connection issues for some Tuscaloosa City school students. You got your locals live now from Tuscaloosa on your side looking into it s so I go to what's leading to the problem And what comparison expecting the day ahead. Hey, my cap for parents watching at home. If your Children attend test with city schools, you should have received a text message. Voice, mail or phone called late last night A night, nine PM, alerting you of a network issue in the school system there, So we know that Testa City schools is saying their fiber optic cable that provide Internet Connection is damaged. This means class link isn't working As a result of this fact, I try to log in about half an hour ago, and I had no luck getting in now students. May not be able to access schoolwork and log in for online school today because of this issue, the school district says that they are working to resolve the problem. We're hoping to have some sort of update sometime this morning on the status of their progress. Once we learn more, we'll let you know. Reporting live in Tuscaloosa, we go to a local WC Fox six news underside. All right. Thank you very much. Well, the U. S Corona Virus task force Dr Deborah Burgs in test Colusa. And while she was there, Dr Burke's talked about she was asking about going through college football season during.

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