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Hi laurin and i have just called hot chest podcasts has about podcast and i love your podcast i was listening to you talk about whether or not are saying to us and i have like a mean i think this is a pretty standard weird story where my phone in my pocket and we were talking about the renter on ways you like subscription service and back to my and my computer all the other scene i feel like everyone has three like that i tend to weird having i haven't heard anyone else talk about i've bought my husband a super nintendo like an old one for christmas and my spotify list of suggested song the week after was all like i was new on hip hop it it was all he can't think of any samples right now but it was like hip hop songs with like super nintendo noises and things and never heard of that before like i bought the superintendent consul on amazon and then i can spotify and there's all these intendo songs and they've never played again i don't know even know that was so many hip hop intended being songs but i i don't know if you've ever anybody was was a story like that where spotify speeding put this based on history keep up the great work god algorithms are so dumb in a way it's like this i mean if that is true if spotify algorithm and the algorithm are working hand in hand to oppress this woman assumption that just because you like nintendo you also like nintendo music lightning.

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