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This week's episode of the champ Rafer show is brought to you free by blink security systems, and vivid seats, you're going to hear more about them in a bit. But for now enjoy the show. Podcast. One presents the Chad Prager show, your one stop shop for comedy craziness and common sense each week YouTube star and voice of the every man Chad breeder brings his arm share philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Nothing is off limits and now for your host Chad parameter one week Dallas Fort Worth is the scene of the crime grand prairie, Texas v. Specific we're going to be at the Verizon eater with several thousand of our closest friends for the star spangled banner comedy tour coming home in. Thankfully, folks are going to be there. That's it's always awkward when the room's empty. So you don't have tickets you can go to watch Chad dot com, and you can get yours now. And then we're going to take off and head to Las Vegas Nevada on the seventh of December for a show there on the strip at Treasure Island in nothing gets better than Vegas. And then, unfortunately, we don't get to stick around power party fell. And I are taking off and hidden down the road. We're headed over to Wyoming for an event, and but we'll be right back at it. Because the following week. We're going to be in Shreveport, Louisiana Beaumont, Louisiana Beaumont, Texas. I really got sought saying that they're going to they're going to be so mad at me Beaumont, Texas the land where my beautiful wife was born. Then of course, we're finishing out the year on the thirtieth and thirty first of December in Biloxi, Mississippi, the IP casino going to have a lot of fun down there. Anyway, hope you guys can get a chance to see me. And we're going to not even skip a beat. We're moving right into January with shows Salt Lake City Denver on and on and on and on to California reading. The salia Bakersfield going to be fun. And I say all of that to also introduce my guest today. Mr. Vince, Moreno, Vince, is my buddy you'll hear a little bit about how we met, but Vince is a singer songwriter musician extraordinaire, he's based out of Nashville, Tennessee, he he's just incredibly talented guy. You're you if you've seen him if you heard him, you know, him you love him. And that is he's going to be doing a lot of shows with me in two thousand nineteen he was with me in Nashville for our show there at the T pack. He's going to be with me again in Las Vegas. We got a special guest that's going to be a big surprise there at the show as well. So you don't want to miss it. And Vince is just an UN just incredibly funny funny guy, as well as being incredibly, musically talented, and so you're going to enjoy getting to know him if you don't know him already those are no him love him. And you're gonna fall in love with him as we talked today. So I just got back from Nashville, Tennessee where I sat down with vents and. Also had an opportunity to spend a day with my buddy, John rich of big and rich and big Kenny came by and Larry gatlin came by James auto came by. And it just turned into a redneck Riviera party there John's house, and as you've heard me talk about redneck Riviera American whiskey, and we were over there doing a promotional video promotional pictures and things like that help support that business, and if you get an opportunity, and you and your whiskey drinker check it out redneck Rivera, or if you're in Nashville or you're in Las Vegas run by and go to go to the bar, go to ridden. It revere. Listen to some live music and have a good time. But they've got a new single coming out. And that's actually available today on a presale. And so you go over there check that out brand new buzz is the song, and you can check them out. But John was incredibly gracious incredibly gracious in just a blessing to be able to hang around his house. Party foul. Stephen I spent all day, they're just picking guitars and smoking cigars, and you know, sipping whiskey and telling stories, and it was a blessing to just kind of be. Fly on the wall and hang out over there. We were also shooting episode of mine new show for streaming on crtv that you'll get a chance to see here soon as we enter into the first part of two thousand nineteen good stuff. Good stuff. But hope you guys are blessed. Hope it finds you. Well, especially you know, Blake and Tim over in Tyler Texas. God bless you guys. You smart mouth, you know? You know? But anyway, I hope you guys are doing well. And I want you to get right into this episode. We're going to take a quick break. Come back with my buddy. Mr. Vince, Moreno, go to watch jet dot com. Get ticket. We will be back in a moment with more of the Chad for either show. 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