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From palm springs life magazine a magazine I still subscribe to ACS Derek **** how are you Sir great how are you Peter good I mean you're a relative newcomer to the magazine but you're not going to cover the area so what is it about this place that's changed for you because you know I still say and and and and I this goes back to my history with palm springs that for so many years it wasn't changing yeah I've been coming for probably about like ten years and either it's kind of goes both ways you want some things not to change come for the mid century architecture you come for the pools but then you come in things change call an early there's new restaurants and bars new experiences with shopping can we talk about the pools were second let's talk about him because I remember when I first came down here all had two kinds of pools not there was no one there is no middle level it was the little baby pools okay and they were like gargantuan yeah right they were sort of like the old days of town and country and slim Aarons photographer yeah yeah right yeah I mean if you want like the most high tech pool technology you come to greater palm springs date we have pools here that are chilled I didn't even know you could do that but looking to resort and club they have over forty pools that the chill in the summertime so it's never never too hot to get in there and then like to throw ice cubes in no I I'm not a Saint to southern Zach we understand the engineering behind it but I think it's just the opposite of how they would keep the pool with like coils or something like that but yeah and then like salt water pools which are actually really good for you the we have a lot of those here so it kind of runs the gamut of sort of a pool experience once a base year the unofficial poll inspector sure my resume it's looking pretty good tile but even having a pool in palm springs is sort of like you got to do it yeah you do he added and people come yeah you gotta have a nice bar or bar cart and you gotta have a nice pool those are kind of the two prerequisites in in palm springs and let's talk about some stereotypes Kennedy the dry heat you know when I was first coming down here people would say yes palm springs is hot but it's a dry heat of course my answer was yeah my other to dry heat but I don't live there right but now I'm I'm turned around I'm a big fan of the off season I'm I'm actually working on a book right now called the off season about why you want to go to Alaska in February in palm springs in the in in in August and I've always been a huge fan of traveling on the offseason everywhere in the world like go to Italy in December like go to Venice.

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