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Co founder Howard marks the billionaire investor discusses the pressure points in private markets as Warren Buffett said when the tide goes out we find out who was when all this and more coming up in the next hour Bloomberg. Bloomberg's Karoline Hight spoke exclusively with IBM's Ginni Rometty about the future of technology as part of our CEO spotlight series there there isn't anybody I mean that doesn't want to reinvent the company with their data and always remember it can interesting statistics twenty percent status searchable the other eighty percent is owned by companies so they really can reinvent themselves if they choose to use it so in chapter one what did everyone do first I felt a lot of pressure from a lot of new entrants to their industry start ups are those coming at them everyone did what I would call customer facing apps right so whether it's on your phone and I would call in and outside in view of transformation so anything you can do to make how you interfaced with the company easier right so if you're the airlines if you're American Airlines really did a lot of things on the front end for customer service and the life that you would work on so outside in a customer at the beginning of the clout in so and where were those all put those apps they would be out on a cloud so about twenty percent of I would say the cloud journey is passed so now you say why is there a chapter two what's so wrong with it what if people need to do and if I give an example you'll you'll I think see it because you do let's say you have insurance did you bought it on your on your phone wonderfully and you bought let's say was car insurance or renter's insurance and you were able to buy it well if you the claim it should be just that simple but now when you go to do that that kind of an app hits against all the current infrastructure in all of what you would call their either their legacy or their accrued assets are their mission critical systems that are out there and those are pretty brutal I need to change so chapter two is inside out so what it means is those wonderful customer apps they're bashing into these backends they have to be just as flexible so now you find chapter two and what clients are doing is they're saying Hey from the inside I want to take all those applications I have in my. nice them and to do that though I'm starting with mission critical work now I've got regulatory environment security all sorts of things and they're going to start with the world calls is a hybrid cloud in one other thing they're gonna have to do because all that experimentation that happen on the front and all those apps I column in many kinds to to random acts of digital laughs a great ideas all over the place but they're not connected together so now I've got a scale a I to Simon and moved to a hybrid cloud and the scale a I and that's really what chapter two is and I just I'll finish that with the the idea of a hybrid cloud is why and if you think about it is the world my total no no no the whole world will move to a cloud. wasn't born yesterday and so it's just like if you have a house and well you have a choice you could smash it down and build the whole thing brand new for like any client they have a lot of things in built already so they're gonna renovating a piece at a time and they're gonna find from chapter one theory have fiber fifteen clouds are working with they say wow what do I do now I've got five to fifteen clouds and renovate piece by piece on my mission critical work and what a hybrid cloud does and this is why we bought red hat it is the answer to build something once run it anywhere so think of it as a horizontal platform they can run any cloud on your premise private cloud it really frees you to have a lot of flexibility for future and is forced you to be a lot more flexible as a business to a certain extent when you'll walking with a groan frenemies as such before ever was going where all you veces Microsoft versus Amazon in the cloud nine working with myself and I was and how these partnerships this is because because think about that's a very good point because this is always been something we've felt so true about it's what the customer needs is what you do first right in our clients and they live in a world that ever you're going to have for sometimes your innovation will come from Google Amazon Microsoft IBM and you're gonna want to take advantage of wherever innovation comes from and that's actually the idea and the way the world is going so on one hand you want to build something once run anywhere in the second part is you want to get to innovation wherever it is and so like in almost every business you have competition and cooperation in this case and again when we bought red hat because it's a platform that goes across all of them absolute commitment it's open source the world's leader to run and it does run on those platforms an absolute commitment to the integrity of that and that's really for our clients would you still seen mugs soft on as an as competition how do you make your name synonymous with cloud in the same way. they have almost it isn't our name we are the number one hybrid cloud player now in so when when I that's what I want my name synonymous with number one hybrid cloud best partner to help make you a cognitive enterprise and that's a company that has got data in a I'd infused in all of the way it does its work because if you do that you have to have a hybrid cloud underneath it so I'm really about that digital transformation journey and that means at times you'll work with me and by the way you'll have many clubs you already have many clouds most clients I'll say to I had so many say only because you think you have a safe to come back you don't realize what you have here and so the idea behind that is connect all of that together and then when you speak of just cloud alone the IBM cloud which is both private and public we we really are the best cloud for mission critical work because of the security and to and it's there and our ability to take mission critical apps and you understand how those work that is our sweet spot that was IBM chair and CEO Ginni Rometty and coming up bill and Melinda gates foundation co chair and Microsoft.

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