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Efforts were done if any to regenerate ozone? just cut the emissions. Of Anything I, don't know that. Yeah, it's funny I I've not heard anybody talk about that, but we always known that the CFC's take decades to get up to the atmosphere so stopping emissions. Meant that the old stuff was still going up there, and it was going to take decades to fix it. We do seem to have signs of healing now of the ozone layer, so it does seem like we have solved. Well. Solve this we have. We have stopped harm and it's going to get better through natural circumstances, but you know. I was talking about how. People don't let us celebrate that as humanity at its best, you know because we really did something very hard in in the sense of figuring out the science, getting the nations of the world together and getting rid of a product that had been really useful and valuable to us, but what happened immediately after that was this political backlash even when you had the chemical industry saying Yep, we're destroying the ozone layer. We're going to stop doing that. You had these right wing groups. Fred Singer actually was one of the witnesses was also in merchants of doubt. who goes and he gets to testify before Congress, he's a scientist and he's saying that the mainstream science on which you have just based all of these decisions. You're being bamboozled, and they have an anti-capitalist agenda, and you had then I think it. Was Tom delay saying he doesn't listen to the ozone trends panel. All of those you know hundreds of scientists who've hammered out the data on these issues. He listens to Fritz Singer and that was sort of the beginning well, not the beginning because you could take back to the eighties, but that was the next step. In the rise of these science, deniers who sort of had this all purpose agenda looked at lots of different industries and the funny thing was here. You know you the, industry? Saying. No we we're, we're fine with this accelerating the phase hour. We're going to go ahead and do it so. The way I think about it. Is that industry for a long time? fueled doubt and to some extent, they also then funded groups with an ideological agenda who continue to push that doubt. And some of those industries stopped denying the science, maybe because they were going to get sued, or maybe because it was just time. But the groups that they have funded. Now outflanked them on the issue and for example Exxon. Used to fund Exxon Mobil used to fund this little. Crazy, little group called the heartland institute. and. They stopped doing that. Quite long time ago, this institute kept just getting more and more extreme on this issue, and recently they had a dispute between Exxon Mobil Hartland Institute. Leader called Exxon Mobil part of the anti energy global warming movement. That's hilarious. Yeah, so you know there things are. Weird. Right out of super weird called Super Exxon part of an anti energy global warming movement. Now it's possible that this was all kind of stage to make Exxon. Look good, but I think they have just created a monster, and that monster is going to keep going around out there and it keeps getting a lot of money. The problem is it, doesn't we don't necessarily know who's funding these groups. Groups anymore for longtime Exxon funded a lot of climate denier groups. They got a lot of public pushback and pressure. They stopped funding the most extreme ones, not all of them. Then the coke brothers started funding. Their Foundation started funding a lot of these groups. They got a lot of attention. Then we saw a lot of the funding of these groups going underground into these dark money organizations like. That promise anonymity so that if you want to fund a politically sensitive issue, nobody knows you've done it so these. The more extreme groups get a lot of money from. These dark money organizations, and therefore there's even deeper anonymity, and and no accountability that some four D. of Exxon was doing the. They're sitting there. Going look I know what we. Got Someone to call us a bunch of hippies. I I suspect that it wasn't that. I think they really have just created a monster here really would be brilliant if it was true. Well I think that some of this is true that you I mean. Here's the thing if you're Exxon and you don't actually want to do anything. You Spin off the denial into other groups that will actually stop things. I mean this little group heartland I mean the the this extreme edge of these advocacy groups they are. Deeply involved in the trump administration I mean they. It's not like they're just out there. Howling, the Wilderness have had enormous influence so if you can back off like like Exxon especially Exxon especially if you're being sued and you've got angry shareholders, and you've got the SEC you have a lot of reasons. An have angry European countries that are taking this more seriously in your. Your multinational you have a lot of reason to kind of keep your mouth shut, and maybe say the right things, but you can indeed still benefit from the denial. You have spun off into the world that is in fact, say rolling back the fuel efficiency standards. I don't know what Exxon. Mobil has said about that, but clearly the more inefficient cars. The more oil gets burned. Are Their tactics and is. Is there like a school of thought that goes along with this? These strategies like is this taught in universities is their places where they learn this stuff because you would think that it's very valuable, and it's often very sophisticated to actually manipulate tonight. Is this something that gets taught once they get into this corporation as internal thing or is it? Is it just a natural factor in the way? Human beings react to profitability and. Responsibility I think it certainly starts there with with it being a natural reaction, but I think then what happens. Industries learned from the previous industry. tobacco taught everybody how to do this. certainly everybody in the modern era, and then, of course you do have this. This industry of groups that serve multiple industries if you can be a group that sets up front groups. And I quote one here. Man named Rick Berman. WHO has a company that sets up front groups for industries that are facing regulation, and he promises them complete anonymity, and the irony here is that he was, he was talking to a group of oil and gas executives, and saying hey, we can give you complete anonymity in some saying things like well. You know you're telling us. We should really be attacking people's character and reducing.

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