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Four thirty forty nine now on WBZ jury deliberations are scheduled to resume tomorrow in the murder trial. The Hartford Connecticut man Torah Kamara is charged with fatally shooting his eighteen year old girlfriend with a shotgun. Back in two thousand sixteen in would prosecutors called a jealous rage? The jury began deliberations on Friday secretary of state Mike Pompeo Jay is tour of the Middle East traveling to Doha for the second US gutter strategic dialogue at a news conference following the meeting Bombayo spoke in broad strokes about the US relationship with gutter and the importance of ending a diplomatic rift between gutter and its Gulf state allies. You also discussed the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal kashogi, which he promised to bring up with Saudi Arabia's crown prince at their meeting today, we will continue to have a conversation with the crown prince and the Saudis about ensuring that the accountability is fall and complete with respect to the. The unacceptable murderer Jamal Khashoggi. Iran's foreign ministry has summoned the polish on voi- in their country following an announcement by Pompeii, oh that Poland will host an international conference on Iran. Mid February the official Iranian news agency reporting Iran, conveyed, its protest message to Poland's on void demanding that Poland not side with this. What they called hostile move by the United States against Iran. Rescue is found the body beneath the rubble of a bakery in Paris that was blown apart by a powerful explosion. It brings the overall death toll in that blast to four the expectant explosion Saturday morning in north-central Paris, also injured dozens of people authorities say ten of them are still in critical condition. Paris. Authorities say twelve neighboring buildings were damaged by the explosion apparently was caused by a gas leak all of those buildings were evacuated. New details Aben about when Israel's prime minister. We'll find out whether or not his. Will be charged on corruption allegations. We get the story from ABC's Jordana Miller in Jerusalem Report suggests in about six weeks, we'll find out whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be indicted for corruption unnamed sources at the Justice ministry, telling reporters attorney general, AVI. Hi mandalit wants to make a decision by February. Twentieth. When parties must register April ninth election polls now showing Netanyahu and his Likud party would still win the election, even if he's charged. But if that's the case the open question is whether the supreme court would allow him to govern a criminal suspect. Giordano Miller ABC news to Roussillon..

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