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I think on short, some are in Poland. So he says, would you trade levian for Keenan, Allen? And Joe mixing. That's a great question. Levy on Levy on levian now you're obviously downgrading. You're running back, assuming Levy on plays, let's say standardly. I would do it. I think I would as well because you pick up a top five top six wide receiver in a top fifteen running back. What am I saying? That's the trade I would offer for lev bell? Yes, yes. Sets. Yeah. What. Fell shows up Friday, death, love. That's the bell tilt. That was the bell is ringing and it's it's in my head up. So no, I take back everything. I said, that's the trade I normally would offer for love bell. So he's gonna play. That's what I really believe. I'm not doing the trae. Yeah. I mean, that's this is this is a philosophy question. This is how do you approach the risk of losing multiple weeks of love bell. And where do you, where do you land where what do you actually believe is we don't know we, we don't know what's going to happen to love Bill. It doesn't matter what qualifications you have. Do you know who doesn't know what's gonna happen to love bell, Mike Tomlin, right. You know, doesn't know. Pouncey they don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if left. Bell doesn't know if love bells like I don't know what I'm going to show up. I might show up Friday might show up Saturday. Maybe I'll take a couple more weeks off. Yeah, it's all guesswork right now. But in the end he wants to be a great running back. And you can't be a great running back and prove that you're the best without being on the field in the end, he just wants money which I'm not blaming him..

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