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Well it is the The day after the tragic death of Kobe Bryant along with his daughter gee-gee and seven others aboard aboard that aircraft. That crashed outside Calabasas yesterday. John you're You're on the team flight. back from Philadelphia yesterday. Good afternoon. take us inside what what went on how you heard about it. Well let me first say that. I don't know oh I haven't even had conversations with you. Yes since this happened correct. I don't know how I'm GonNa do the show today. I really don't I'm just GonNa Talk Doc To answer your question. The plane is the you know me have been Traveling professionally for twenty two years. I fly all the time for personal. It's the worst flight I've ever been on I I think anybody on the plane would say that We were in the air from Philadelphia. Normally we would have flown home right after the game. But they've been trying this thing and there's such a good road team that it would imagine the stays for a while where they protect the integrity of your sleep schedule in other words they look at it and they say well do we guys getting back to La at three or four o'clock in the morning they said No. Let's let's have him stay on the regular sleep schedules and see if that helps and all of a sudden now. They're twenty five on the road so it's worked well but this is maybe the second or third time we've ever done it. So we play the game in Philadelphia on Saturday night and our flight is at eleven am eastern eight am Pacific on Sunday planes in the air and because of modern technology. Now you can connect to the Internet can't use your phone but you can text and you can email and you. You have access to live news right and I had twitter open and I saw a tweet from someone. I know that I followed that. I know and he he said I can't believe Kobe. Gone in a helicopter crash and I went. My friend has been hacked right. This is a social media hoax and I actually my first thought was let me reach out to him and tell him he's been hacked. Sure you know then check because he he he was listed. TMZ TMZ and the stories there and my stomach dropped almost never Z.. Get some right. Yeah and I said I'm just is GonNa wait and I'm not telling anybody else on the plane and Michael. Koga who runs backstage Lakers sits up five rows in front of me and he turned around with this looks. Let's face it. I knew he knew what I knew and I held up my computer. Any said any chance. It's wrong and and when we realize to give people background we travel with security everywhere. We go the security is a company. A hired by the Lakers. And we've gotten to know all these guys really well. There were three of them on this particular flight. Our first thought was that. There's probably probably some of them at least one of on that helicopter and when we saw these three guys go into action And they were able to confirm it with their boss on the ground. The plane just everybody became inconsolable. Whole plane I think I'd the texture do? This whole plane was crying praying that we somehow had it wrong or that. Somebody was because we were in a confined space that somebody was playing a very elaborate. Well executed practical joke right. And when in Frank Vogel got up and walked to the front of the plane to tell the players we knew. Yeah this is real and and you know what Mace Ace. I don't remember the rest of the flight after that. I just don't i. We still had like three and a half hours left we it. I just remember looking about it. Sitting there watching everybody Cryan landing and when we landed on the ground around there are a couple of people. I was particularly worried about the first one is the head of our medical team. is a woman named Judy Judy. CTO Yes who's in charge of the trainers the strength coaches. Everybody if you picture pyramid. Judy was hired this year and we all knew her because and the way we got to know her was that she worked with Kobe throughout his whole career to keep him healthy and had this incredible track record of Kobe playing playing through anything. Yes and I'll tell stories before the end of the show that you know Koby literally played through everything and we all knew judy like so many of us. I mean I put myself in this. We owe our career to Kobe without Kobe. We don't have any of. The experiences are riches or trips to the finals or anything but her in particular you know. She works with all sorts of athletes in this was the biggest athletes. You work with him because of it she had you know she got a relation relation with Rob Pelinka and when we were ready to hire ahead of medicine we hire judy and all you do is hugger I and they're all being hugger and then the other one was allison alson. Bogey who's the head of PR FOR US for years. Kobi commanded such a media presence that John Black who was our director until Alson Elson replaced him a few years ago. John Handle everybody on the team but Koby really needed his own person. Yes and that was alison so for years. If you wanted to get to Kobe you you went through alley. And she was the same way I mean just just completely inconsolable and and so we when the plane landed the they did a good job of making sure that no media got to the terminal where we were got everybody out of there and you're seeing now individual reactions from players but the Lakers haven't issued a statement from the team or from genie or from Timor. Mr Anybody yet. And I think the main reason for that is they don't know what to say yet and right before we came on the air. We should continue to repeat this. The game tomorrow night's been postponed. uh-huh the Lakers are not gonNA play and that's a smart decision I am. I don't know how anybody could have focused on playing the clippers tomorrow night. I just don't. I'm not even sure Mace that. The clippers could have focused no hers. Don Evers Yeah Yeah And and eventually we're GONNA have to play. My guess is it'll be Friday against Portland staple center and then we have a game Saturday night in Sacramento as of now. Those Games are both still scheduled but to give you an idea of what it's like to be part of the Laker family family. Today I got an email last night. From Sam who runs Samantha and human resources that first thing this morning they had set up grief counselors slurs on site in our building in the first person respond. The email was Frank Vogel. Just say thank you very much for doing that. And my guess is most of the people who work in that building made use of that right. And you're a big advocate of of making sure you stay in tune with your mental health and and everybody's mental health now is a mess. Yeah you know I mean. I exchange those text messages with you yesterday. I had been doing my podcast Chris. Morales was there. My friends who Kalinski was there And I got a text message and I just froze I just froze And again like you thinking it's not real Somebody got hacked it can't be true went into the TMZ link As you and I often talk about. TMZ generally gets these things right now almost always gets these these things right and then came in yesterday and did three hours. I guess on the air the this scene outside side Staples Center right now in here in. La Live Plaza started yesterday There are fans wearing their eight jerseys in their twenty before jerseys and as I was driving up today fans or bringing flowers To The Alive Plaza withers There are a couple of different shrines right now. to Kobe Bryant Last night The Grammy Awards were stopped by what went on. I didn't didn't I didn't watch one second of I. Didn't I think that that anybody anybody who lives in Los Angeles it just the world's stopped as we know it all right a couple of things We're we're GONNA help you get through this and our phones today which they as you you know. We have a kind of running joke. We don't take a lot of calls today we will today. The phones are open. Eight seven seven seven ten. ESPN if you want to talk about this and again we're gonNA keep repeating this. Because I know a lot of you had plans and I know a lot of Laker fans wanted to make sure be there tomorrow night. Yeah because it was going to be. I came back from could we. There is no game tomorrow night it has been postponed the NBA has announced it So the Lakers will not play against the clippers tomorrow night there has been no announcement thus far on win. That game will be a sign interesting tweet from somebody. That said Lakers should just play. Eighty one Kobe's eighty as of this point the NBA is saying they will reschedule the game but there is no news as to win that measure. So we're going to be here till six o'clock at six o'clock we're gonNA run rebroadcast of Kobe game. I sent a note earlier today that I went back and listen to the fourth quarter of that game. Where Koby it'd be brings the Lakers from fifteen down and ends up with sixty points and it is vintage Kobe? It's like A. It's a love letter to Kobe. He's he's basically the crowd chanting his name up until we'RE GONNA rebroadcast game in its entirety Though that will be the call of Michael Thompson in me if you WANNA watch the game the ESPN Byan. Call the game Mike Tariq. Oh did that night. ESPN's can rerun the television broadcast at six o'clock tonight so a lot of Kobe. Love audaciously going to be going around tonight. Not only on our air and a lot of people's air all right Mason Ireland seven ten. ESPN just a heart breaking day for so many Laker fans for so many sports fans not just here in Los Angeles but around the world tributes to Kobe Bryant who along with his daughter. Jonah and seven others died yesterday in a helicopter crash outside of calabasas Mason Ireland. We will get to your phone calls today. Hey I know a lot of you guys have got recollections that you wanNA share we are still. I think it's fair to say absolutely stunned by the news. Pardon me when I woke up this morning. Thought it couldn't be true right. I think a lot of people are going through that emotion and I wanNA keep repeating because I I know people are tuning in and out. There will be no game tomorrow night. The Lakers clippers game has been postponed. So I want to mention that at least just once a segment which feels like though the right thing to do right a and you know he had such a gravitational channel pull I over one hundred text messages this morning when I woke up just because I covered him. Yeah imagine what it must be like for his family. And the few of the play with the Lakers and Jeanie and it just. It's just stunning news. Here's Blake and Tarzana..

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