Jerry Moran, West Virginia, Susan Collins discussed on WSJ Opinion: Potomac Watch - The Supreme Court and the GOP Health-Care Mess


It is a big setback especially because as you mentioned there were people that came out afterward and announced at that they had a problem with it and so this was surprising were now up to about a dozen different senators said of all claim that they would not vote for the bill in the way it is at the moment including jerry moran as you mentioned that shelling work petoe from west virginia and this is in addition to dean howler in nevada lisa murkowski susan collins and then the conservatives out which include ted cruz rand paul mike lee an and ron johnson so that's quite a sizeable number and the problem they have at the moment is that you do have that first category of more moderate senators that are demanding more money and more mandates at and leaving more of obamacare intact and a conservative side that is demanding the a greater dismantling of obamacare as part of this repeal and replace bill and where the sweet spot is in the middle nobody at the moment seems to know they're going to try the plan said mitch mcconnell liz to try to actually find at that agreement sometime here before they break for july fourth recess but i think the concern is that they're all headed back home to their districts they're likely to get a lot of criticism from different constituents when they're there and the worry is that they come back in there yet more that are wary of this rather than a fewer.

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