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Fighting dot com reacting to some huge news tonight. Of course you have C. Two fifty went down in Las Vegas. A lot of great storylines came out of that event, but conor McGregor as he typically does. In a fight night he took to twitter and instead of reacting to the events like you normally does instead announced his retirement, the notorious said quote. Hey, guys, I've decided to retire from fighting. Thank you for all the amazing memories. What a ride it's been! Here's a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas Post. What am I? World title? Wins pick the home of dreams. Mags I love you whatever you desire, it's yours now as As you are probably aware. Conor McGregor has done this before in two thousand sixteen after pulled from UFC two hundred. That's when we got the infamous. I've decided to retire young banks for the cheese tweet, and then in March of last year right before allegations of sexual assault came from the New York Times against conor. McGregor and you're dealing with other charges against him and run INS with the law. He said Hey guys. Quick announcement I've decided to retire from the sport formerly known as Mixed Martial Arts today I wish my old colleagues well going forward and competition I now join my former partners on this venture already retirement proper Pinochle Adas on me fellas with that. Let's bring in Alex Kaley also from 'em. May Fighting Dot Com Alex Conham Gregor his timing always impeccable with these types of situations, so I guess the first question is as you roll your eyes. Do you believe anything kind of Greg tweeted tonight? Why do we have to do this Michael I? Mean I know why we do really well. Why why do we have to do this? Why must we indulge this man? Look he's provided us much entertainment over the years I'm not going to dispute that. He's provided US much website traffic. If we'RE GONNA. If we're going to lay, all the cards are on the table, and I'm sure the story provide some as well but I just. See why does he have to do this? Why do it after this? What was a very enjoyable? UFC Card C two fifty a fine event. I think we discussed in the post fight show. People can also find on Youtube and and may find dot com. WHY SPOIL IT? Why now I mean shouts to MOM's great I'm glad he tried to soften up this retirement announcement by dedication to his mother whatever But it's. It kills me that this is news. I know it is, but it shouldn't be. He's not retiring. He's going to fight again somewhere whether it's boxing where the for Friggin one championship I. Don't know I don't know what this guy has planned next. Does these things I'm not gonNA. Pretend I could get inside Conor McGregor mind. But. This retirement is S.. He's just keeping yourself in the news and we're talking about it so I guess it worked. Okay. When I first saw this tweet Alex I rolled my eyes like you like everybody else. Who saw it was just like. Oh, here, we go again. But then you kind of look at things in the landscape of the sport in the UFC right now and you think to yourself this comes at a very interesting time with big name. Fighters have SORTA dug in against the UFC about their proverbial piece of the Pie. John Jones your MC light heavyweight champion use the first one to sort of break down the fourth wall, so to speak after. After negotiations reportedly fell apart for a heavyweight fight with France's and Gano. Bone said he wanted more money, which is quite understandable. The greatest fighter of all time deserves more money Dana. White says that Jones wanted upwards of thirty million dollars said he had text messages to prove it John to those claims, asked for the text to be revealed, and then also asked to be released if the doesn't. Doesn't believe that he's worth the money these asking for and then this week even earlier today on Sports Center we've heard from ory. Mazar Dole, who is also called out the see for the way they are handling negotiations for his next fight, with as most would assume are open for the wealth way tile, anyone on sportscenter as well and started talking about percentages from different sports and all this. This stuff, so why do I mention this Alex? Because the timing seems very interesting with everything going on right now. McGregor comes back at the beginning of twenty twenty. He runs through Donald, surrounding and forty seconds to forty six, and it seems like Connor was lined up for a huge ears I in fights with gauge, trying to match, make the entire welterweight division and lightweight divisions right now. Is there a tien hair? Is Connor saying you know what John Jones? He's speaking up or Hey Mazda he speaking. What if I speak up? What happens now? Yeah Mike of Courses Related to this other unrest, general unrest that has been brewing, which does all the big names you mentioned? I just wish that that these guys realized that they could have done this before. I wish that there was actually an organized effort. I mean again. It's kind of all happening at the same time. I wish there was some way them or their management. Whoever it is that that would handle these things for them. Get together. Guys are stronger together. Each of you doing these retirements and walking away is is it's cute. It's cute. Okay, I look I know. These guys are grown men at their forceful. They're used to you know. Just achieving things and getting their way through again through sheer force of will, but that's not what gets done at this level at the corporate level. You guys got to have organization. You guys got to have a plan and I don't know. Maybe this is part of some plan that we don't know. Maybe maybe maybe they're on their opry on another level Mike that we can't understand and then they actually are doing stuff behind the scenes, and it's all going to materialize and makes sense. When Peters Union springs up this fall or something, but guess what I. Don't it okay? That's wishful. Thinking that's not the way it is as you said. It's just McGregor kind of riding this wave. He knows he's he's. He's always been a taste maker so i. think the fact that he's not the one leading charge or maybe. You know considering he's done it twice already. I think he feels a little left out, so he had to do this to to let people know. Hey, I'm the original shock collar on the original walking away from the sport guy so here I am again talk about me instead of John Jones Muscle Hendrikse who or reminded man Amanda Nunez Whoever I I. I'm I'm the one making the retirement news this week. That has a great point. I would agree with you on that one. The timing was a was very interesting..

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