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Is the deadline to submit proposals to amazon jennifer bill sunny nbc news radio new jersey thank you jennifer fourteen people including four firefighters have being treated for injuries following a thrill on fire inbar apart brooklyn earlier today firefighters four flames and wind up ice to rescue a woman trapped in our second floor bedroom on nine state near twelve added new where the fire began just after 430 displaying any kitchen the woman was unconscious and is reportedly in critical condition all other injuries including to those who scrambled to the roof to escape the flames are said to be minor there was no official word yet on the cause of the fire in sports yes these are leading the houston astros eight is zip at the top of the eighth inning traffic delays well broken water main in newark cause some delays on one in nine northbound after i seventy eight because the bite lane is currently blocked hudson rivercrossing still divided the gwb in and out on the upper and lower levels both how dan lincoln tunnels are guide city ban lower east of a crossings but the brakes brooklyn benton you've got a little bit of volume here upper east river crossings what they seem to be in pretty good shape at this point traveling through queasy had earlier accident on the life so just the heads up at looks like that accident still the process of getting cleared eastbound just before then damn straight two lanes currently blocked by the four tonight clear skies low forty four degrees tomorrow sunshine high sixty one email no it's going up amy satellite ona 970 the its imagine civilians live in concert aw zulle with very special yes to which way is now lifezette visit there's no magic values news dot com do jay franklin graham.

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