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For me. That's why I like to get him four one five two nine five K AFDC. Cavenaugh again Pandora is calling me I understand feeling that way on the other hand, it is one of the more consequential political stories of my lifetime. So we will be covering it in four again, we or more particularly you failed to please all the people all the time. Jack. Jack will be listening to a lot of Bork music. I guess on Spotify has they're coming up with playlists for your ancestry Bjork, Bork housing, Robert born music screeching musician that a friend who is so into your coming. Just love Bjork. And I've never I tried. She's really nice really really respected her opinion. Yeah. Could not get into it. Yeah. I like some. Plot of that. Yeah. That's what you like a two billion dollar building a two billion dollar building. And he can't even be used Jesus, California. Look at yourself in the mirror. I don't appreciate the J bomb. I I don't think most California has retained the capacity for self examination. I don't think realism is a piece that realism is like the grizzly bear. It's no longer known in California. No longer gallops across the plains. In the mountains. And this will lead us into another story. Facebook just banned a few of my buddies for having photos up with them doing the a okay sign. I wish I was joking. What the F O, man? A okay. And then got banned on Facebook which owns Instagram which has done this. Well, yeah. Before we get into that. The. Okay, thanks. So you can give the a okay sign that. But if you spread your fingers a little bit too to make like a w for white power. I mean steal second. No, no. That means you're a white supremacist on the other hand if now I can't do the. I kind of my fingers are kinda limp. So they make kind of a weird font w so now I'm self conscious about I can't figure out. How do I this is the way I do it is that okay? Nazi not fascist Nazi. Yeah. And it also means. I think you're an annus in in Mexico, but you actually get booted off Facebook for that. Okay. Well, yeah. In Instagram, which is a Facebook property. I did not know that. Oh, yeah. If Google ain't buying your Facebook is if you got more than like, twelve users and Instagram, which of course, is mostly known for celebrities showing their their Bubis and people on sexy vacations and beautiful places and climbing to the top of something and falling to their dad's. We learned the other day anyway. Has also become a giant marketplace for advertising illegal drugs. I had no idea of this. And it's the the interesting part of this and Elizabeth Dwoskin of the Washington Post wrote about this is great piece, but it's struggling to keep pace with with its own algorithms, and I'll explain why. But so you click around on Facebook, you've got all sorts of hashtag or Instagram. You got all sorts of hashtags, hashtag Oxy tag Percocet. Hashtag hash. Hashtag painkillers probably their hashtag, Oxycontin, many many examples. And and it's some people grappling with addiction lending each other support talking about their fight, but it's mostly drug dealers and people wanting to buy I don't know how we're going to work this out unless we just go wild west on this stuff. I don't know. How else you do it? So here's you understand. Why you don't want a business that is a platform for advertising drugs on the other hand. How do you stop it? Well, that's the problem. Look e- end up with someone looking through all the Instagram pictures who wants to kill themselves because they see all this terrible stuff. Like that Facebook person right now we talked about yesterday. Yeah. Quite a few Facebook before. But so if you follow the dealer account or even like, one of their posts, Instagram's algorithms, go to work as designed in this case by filling up your feed with posts for drugs suggesting other sellers to follow and introducing new hashtags like hashtag zander's for sale. And so this is mostly just amusing. But so you'll have ads in your feed from target chase Bank. Proctor and gamble. Appearing next to posts illegally selling pills. So Facebook's chief operating officer, Cheryl Sandberg set our company is firmly against such activity, but they can't quite figure out how to get ahead of their own algorithms and find and remove opioid listings. I'm not sure why. But I don't know enough about how the technology works. And I know people who are people who need to get around these rules are very good at getting around them. Well, right and spellings, and there's all kinds of individual instances of things on Instagram. Facebook Twitter that we would all most of us agree. Yeah. That probably shouldn't be on there. But as soon as you start down that road. It gets impossible very very quickly said Rick lane longtime technology policy adviser who helped push some legislation through congress this year, just as drug use rewires, the brain to create more of the substance social media platforms have designed their sites in such way that after a single search for an illicit drug the algorithm gets rewired to advertise drugs to the already vulnerable user forever. Then I wonder LAN do this. I'm going to get Oxy ads for the rest of my life. Yeah. From drug dealers, Scott, what's less, you spend so much time searching for golf equipment next month. It like pushes the trucks off the table. I guess. God. I had a perfect example. I don't remember what it is the other day that I bought something. And now I'm getting it's one of those things that you buy once in a lifetime or maybe once every twenty years, and I'm getting nonstop ads for right how long that lasts. Yeah. When I bought that would splitter. That's the way it was all of a sudden a lumberjack company or something like that. I mean. Most people never buy one one is enough. Yeah. Although you know, what I didn't buy the super crazy big powerful one because it's more expensive mostly. But now I've learned that splitting oak is no joke. How many times I've dense would nominee any times? I've regretted buying the next better one of something like once in my whole life. It's always turned out to be a good idea in my experience, you'd never regret buying quality as they say. Oh, yeah. Just one example fifty I could have done better without that. Yeah. I should have known. You got an log like data. I mean, it's a dense would Jack very. Thank you. I have a seventy seven ton log splitter. All right, it applies seven tons of pressure to oh, very, sharp wedge. And it just shuts down it won't it won't split that more than that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What are you gonna do? You gonna buy a bigger one? Anybody wanna buy a seven ton logs? So says Caroline Everson. Who's with the Facebook? She's Facebook's vice president for global marketing solutions, we're not yet sophisticated enough to tease apart every post to see if it's trying to sell someone illegal drugs or they're taking zanex because they're stressed out. We'll not sophisticated enough or it's just completely.

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