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For me and you to be bold directors together and throw something together. So, hey, but I gotta roll appreciate the time. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks as always fear. There has Billy Lucci techs, eggs dot com. They do some great work him and gay Bach over there. Fantastic. What they do quick ommercial break more. Your phone calls when we return eight, five, five, two, four, two. Paul Peter burns in for both listening to Paul finebaum. Show podcast. Paul finebaum show Peter burns in for Paul finebaum just ask the right now about how good Miami, how easy Miami scheduled is in twenty teen after LSU. It's unbelievable. I called every single SEC coach right now as a coach. I got a proposition for you. Do you wanna trade your schedule for Miami schedule? Every single one before I can even hang up the phone, that'd be deal done done. They'll take it must be nice. ACC team sometimes red bay Bama Joe. They should join. Peter burns what's up. Good afternoon Vader you doing today? Man, I'm living the good life, sir. How are you sir? Are you? I'm doing. I'm doing. All right. That's good to get to talk to your give. Indeed do a man is everything family? Okay. You hanging in there? It's a well. You know it is talking about, you know, sir. I do. Jeez, asked me to keep it out of, but now it's it's gotten worse and but you know, she's going to go to Birmingham. Next Monday to surgeon. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Joe, we, like you said, I know you call to get away from real life, and that's why we always want you in here we open you. Are we invited with open arms here when you get away to kind of have some fun here on the show while operate j I by the way. How would you say having a bigger year this year allburn or LSU? I still go with Auburn, heck I it'd be close for me to pick Auburn in the west, a win it back to back years if they didn't have. You know, if if the schedule was flipped and this was a year, they went down to Tuscaloosa. My question with Gus malzahn squad is I don't know how good that offense of line is going to be. They lose a lot, and I think that's, that's what Gus malzahn worried about what the Tigers this year is that is Jared cinnamon going to have enough time to be able to throw it because I know LSU's defense is going to be pretty good, Mississippi State front seven is going to be good. And of course Alabama's front. Seven always is. Okay. Well, this next couple of questions God for yawn go for it, sir. And Joe. What's up Joe rapid fire. I hear you've been making scares you day and on the Larry rich. Game, no excuses. Joe just fax it was who won that game by the way on the golf match rich and Larry took down Dan and I in an eighteen hole under protests under protest. Match-play I will give Larry. I will give Larry credit for one thing because I know he's upset about this whole situation is that he did sink a match winning putt on the seventeenth, the gamer. You can't take that away from him after allegedly finding his ball in the woods, hey, it happens. I figure excuse necks. Don't be a big player. So they. Young. Hey, Joe, we got a row row, quick man up against the break. I just wanna let you know everybody in the finebaum family man. We were thinking about you. Okay. Thank you, man. Love everyone loves right. There are good buddy. Jo in red bay thoughts and prayers always, hey, man, we want everybody to be. You know, we joke around, we talk a lot of trash about the ACC in Michigan and other teams. What I will say is that we all love each other, the same. So thoughts and prayers over there with Joe and red bay. We'll take more your phone calls coming up. Next Peter burns and for Paul finebaum on the Paul finebaum show..

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