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Thank you thank you go through beacon to the crap. Your community and I appreciate everything he has to be talking talking N._F._l.. Danny Kenny like a lighthouse twenty dollars twenty dollars twenty dollars. Tom I will get a twenty dollars. If I lose ever. He doesn't want all right gene. You've got to g good luck. Who is this girl cheers gus? Just here's your contested. Here's detested. Does it take oh man sit down. Sit Down so introduce yourself and Brandenburg. I'm a frequent B._C.. Bottle Lodge customer. I'm pretty much there for any waking moment that I have half okay so you have a choice here so you've got the chance right now to win. Tickets to hops in the hangar. Have you heard about hops in the hangar. No so hawks in the hangar is a beer festival at an airport. There's like <hes> people parachuting during the festival. There's did you really sit down instead of getting a beer publishes here. That's Hilarious gave me that headphones at said. Take my seat Kenny Kenny. I'm GonNa need you to do me a favor so pops into hangers beer festival. There's acrobatic like airplane shows and people parachuting all kinds drink beer festival. It's really fun Middletown Middletown August tenth. I believe for anybody listening. We're going to talk more about the next week on the show but you've got a chance to win a couple of tickets however you can get it. You.

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