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President Trump's lawyer does a surprising about face, maybe Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. He's directly contradicting the president's own position on collusion with Russia. Rudy Giuliani claims he's never said there was no collusion between the two thousand sixteen Trump campaign and Russia EPs the opposite of what the president himself has said there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian people Giuliani has in the past described the idea of Russian collusion as totally fake news. But in a CNN interview last night, he said, even if somebody on the campaign did something wrong, there's not a single bit of evidence tying Trump to Russia's hack of democratic emails. Saga megani? Washington. Automaker. Nissan's announced hundreds of more layoffs in North America. Seven hundred contract workers will be cut it at the canton, Mississippi assembly plant, citing slow sales for frontier pickup, trucks and vans. The factory currently staffed sixty four hundred employees and contractors the move vows. Lease December announcement that it's cutting thousand jobs at two Mexican factories speculation back in may was there would be a cut in production of about twenty percent because of low profits. The move also comes after the arrest in Japan of former chairman Carlos gone who led a production expansion of Nissan's largest market. However, the company says the cuts are unrelated to guns troubles. Some jobs will also be cut by attrition, Nissan's engine factory and assured Tennessee, but the company says it's a Smyrna. Tennessee factory will be unaffected. Immigration hearings have been canceled across the country because of the partial government shutdown AP's. Jackie Quinn reports. One immigration lawyer notes. It's ironic that the process has stalled attorney Hans Meyer in Denver says the partial government shutdown has led to the cancellation of thousands of non detention immigration hearings. People who are trying to take the legal steps they need to become citizens following the law trying to get their day in court. So they can get decision to either grant and their status or maintain their status and it can't get their day in court, which is immensely frustrating. Because in some cases, eligibility might be at issue, if we wait too long, researchers at Syracuse university are estimating nearly seventy thousand immigration cases, have to be postponed. I'm Jacky Quin. The standoff goes on I'm Tim Maguire, AP news minute, Idaho. Republican congressman culture says President Trump was right to deny a military plane for house speaker Nancy Pelosi foreign overseas trip, I would agree with.

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