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Yes. There's a couple of things the crossover crisis on Infinite Erz in November Brandon Ralph Kingdom come Superman Yeah Brandon routh set to play a superman possibly the kingdom come older superman as well as having Tyler Hulk Lynn Superman. They're also and then bird word. Yes yes alert so they're. They're going to put them. In the Robin. I I hope burt ward who had so much sex in that robin costume in the sixties wrote a book about all the girls he was banging thing and robin unnecessary now because they have you know the nineties burial and Flash. They're gonNA pull all these people like. Do you think they're tying. Brandon Ruth. Superman returns Christopher Reeves all these things into this or it's just going to be like oh he should. It's a speech just doesn't even matter doesn't like that's how the W._b.. And the C._W.. And all that shit is completely pointless. Just throw it in matter whatever it won't matter especially Crossover for the people that complain about marvel being watering down their stuff with raise changes in all stuff they do these W._b.. As Rug said really fuck do they do whatever the hell they want. They just feel like doing and they do. It doesn't matter if anybody likes it. No it doesn't matter anybody wants it it. Does they just do it. They can have they take every character in all their T._v.. Shows yeah and I was support other shows before they literally take every character and all their T._v.. Shows and make them some sort of Superhero tangentially connected to some superhero that is in the comics yet but this has nothing to do with released today. Are It's kind of like you you get a kate who's never seen anything before like they've come out like Siberia or something and then you put him in a toy story and say play with the toys however you want Barbie and whatever and the other hand he's just is making 'cause it's Dr who cares it's not there's no comic legends tomorrow but it's just wacky seed up burt Lord descript bet there's going to be more for what could he play well. He's going to be Robin. Oh my God. They may have got to bring in all these all dudes. We've played D._C.. Characters in this crossover and when you connect Batman Sixty six that's over amazing. No maybe it's funny..

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