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B M English. Speaking radio child presents the unleash word of the day. My name is stretchy, and I'm your host for this episode. You're listening to episode number sixty two off season three. Today's word is viable, the meaning of viable is capable of working successfully feasible able to work as intended or able to succeed. With the English. Speaking radio channel loan one new word every day and impressed the world in this English were Cabanera lesson. You will learn how to use the word why Bill via sure that this lesson will help to enhance her English workout Lori, and speak English, fluently and confidently why Bill is spelt as we I A B L E in an organization and internal comedy often invites Jeff Sessions from employees for improving work efficiency and overall performance after leaving the suggestions the management decides about implementing the Waibel suggestions, listen carefully. How we can use the wood viable in eight different situations in eight different sentences example, number one of eight the locates. Dozens protested or complained against cutting of trees for constructing a road, which was going to pass through a forest the project manager held several meetings with the locals and finalize a why build solution moving onto example, number two of eight the toy manufacturing company received a huge auto for exports. The deadline for dispatching the products was just a month of so the gender manager asked the production. Supervisor to check the viability of speeding up the production example, number three of eight Raj had to choose between appearing for his history paper or participating in running competition. Finally, he selected the viable option of appearing for his test example, number four of eight. The extent of globalization is. Increasing as a result. The demand for flights is also increasing. However before starting the flights airlines must check whether the operations are commercially viable in other words, the operations must be profitable at VM English speaking, we conduct English fluency courses at a training centers in mom by and yes, we also conduct online courses in English fluency for you to know more about these causes visit of F site, WWW dot B, M consultants. India dot com example, number five eight mister wicker is the head of the parchment for English in a vernacular medium school. He observed that many students lacked the confidence to speak in English. He took suggestions from teachers and came up with a viable track. Deji for improving their English moving onto example, number six eight do you think it is viable to study foreign examination at the last minute. And yet score good marks Gaddi made this mistake of believing that he could do it. He did not study through the yo and repaired at the last minute. Well, this did not work, and he failed in that subject example, number seven eight the shipment of a particular raw material from another country got delayed and this intern affected the production, schedule of MP chemicals. Ltd the managing director of the company called a meeting of the production team and asked them to identify a why build solution example, number eight eight when the technology of using solar energy launched. Some people did not consider it to be why Bill due to its high cost. But today it is being implemented on a mega scale across the globe. As a clean source of energy today. We learned the word Waibel, which means capable of working successfully feasible able to work as intended or able to succeed now quickly frame three sentences with viable and type in the comments box. The waiting to read them via Shaw. This listen has helped to boost your English were cavalry and speak fluent English. You can download the script of this episode and all episodes from WWW dot VM English. Speaking radio dot in stay tuned for new English vocabulary lessons, we are on a mission to train one. Indians in English fluency. This was episode number sixty two of two hundred M vocabulary episodes that we have planned kindly note that we will be sharing one vocabulary episode daily at six AM Indian standard time so meter tomorrow at six o'clock with the new word to then take care.

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