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The alamo doesn't referred davy crockett and a wave travis it refers to two years ago porsche guys ratcheted oregon had the big laid thirty one points tissue came back won the game in triple overtime efsa tied for the biggest comeback ever in a division one a college game and i see life on a tcu sideline and i guys up told me befuddled by kenny hill hill reporter else with wobbled passes that are ontarget or close to it and then that was a beautiful deep all were there under it perfect spiral that obviously resulted in a receiver speedy receiver catching it in stride and 95 you are built up a big play well the only reason stanford still has this lead at this once journal's stanford plus two in that regard and they've been out d four twenty seven to three ofri and obviously i 90 sevenyard pass way will tilt the scales but here is at stanford was a decidedly the better team in the first half right now luxury can say that told me go back to those opportunities in the first half when they didn't convert cannot lead points on on the field against a team like dc you have shown the ability to score would wish linked over deregulate just ran a full right by and large the replay family murphy on his greater can were on any ken hill put it right on the money edwards took a bad angle to recently injuries nearly as good a stanford second areas and the depth they are going deep into that fdr scarlett from the three right up the middle scarlett out to the thirty and tackle the thirty one yard line but you're talking about a stanford defense that has now without justin read joey alfieri eric cotton john barnes showed barton pleasurable elisa holdups that's five starters 5 out of eleven and or by the way a really good backup linebacker occur disrupt of five starters on that defensive unit it's up to the offense to keep pace love is in there this has been effective formation and personnel grouping for stamford it's retied ends up they have parkinson's spread out they do have marks in there as fullback first in from a 25 head off law that's.

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