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God. Damn it. I was hoping she wouldn't make it. Cole was found in the late. Eighteen hundreds in thank god williamson county in in the town of herron so my you're not gonna believe this but mine owners. There did not treat the miners. Very well It's the first that's counter to everything. This country stands author troy taylor. They worked in water up to their knees and in gasfield rooms and related minds where the air was filthy and filled with toxins. There is no compensation or accidents which occurred frequently and the average daily wage was less than two dollars. Well at least you're getting compensated for swimming in gas infested rooms with no airflow. Well you know you are kind of getting to take a bath. that's true. So that's how they would pitch it. What you guys ain't understand is. I'm giving you a trip to the spa. Your skin is getting to look unbelievable. What you come out all that coal water. Fantastic great for digestion. It's an ex- it's expert ryan says thank you trevor. It's exposed. i got this rub a little bit of that coli water. It's like holy water coal cold water. In december your crow's-feet crevices. That's your look. Twenty years younger. If if you make it out of there which again is not that likely. Go ahead yep yes questions my feet or so with that my skin off. That's because under your foot. Skin is a better foot. So that's just you foot. Shell crack in to give birth to the actual foot you. Are you familiar with the way that a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. That's a lot of what your foot is about to go through. So what you're going through the growing pains of nature so your photos crack lady foot hurts you. It's got sores on it. That's just god's way of saying hey get ready. There's a transition of power coming you foot spat to be brand new. Okay all right. That feels like scott. What makes yeah great..

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