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It's Friday September. Seventh two thousand eighteen coming up on KCBS. This is Matt Bigler with a special report Oakland hotel workers pushed for portable panic buttons for housekeepers a lot of people don't know actually the conditions that workers face, and it was Trump versus Obama is the president and former president exchange. Verbal barbs long distance in for Larry Sharoni. I'm Carrie Hodousek. KCBS news time nine thirty one. CBS news update. President Obama hit the campaign trail last night attacking the man who replaced him in the White House by name he calls. President Trump a symptom of the divisions in the nation. They're undermining our alliances cozying up to Russia. What happened to the Republican party? CBS's Nancy Cortes, the forty fourth president re entered the political fray dramatic fashion accusing his successor of stoking racial division. We're supposed to stand up to discrimination. And we'll sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers in an interview with K ex J T V and North Dakota, President Trump responded. Well, I sort of watched that speech, and I must does off watching him. I've always sort of dozed off watching him, President Trump and a campaign appearance last night touted the economic gains the nation has made since he took office. CBS news update, I'm Alison keys. KCBS news time nine thirty two. There is a growing push to give hotel workers portable panic buttons that they can use in emergencies in this KCBS special report. Matt Bigler tells us about a measure on the ballot and Oakland that would ensure that housekeepers received extra protections on the job. Hotel housekeepers work, long hours for thankless jobs. That can be hazardous. They never know what they'll walk in on when cleaning rooms. That's why they're supporters.

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