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Hepburn so another Christmas of restrictions for England How many parties did the government and the conservatives hold last Christmas at the height of a lockdown the newspapers are on the hunt Politico says 7 in all so there's an issue perhaps around credibility but overall it's the health issue that I think is most important for investors The UK is also starting a trial about the effectiveness of anti viral COVID-19 drugs So I think that's interesting too Let me bring you a data check then before we get into our top stories around the new restrictions in England So the MSCI Asia Pacific is up four tenths of 1% large You've got Asian stocks higher just with the exception of Japan this morning In terms of futures we've been moving bouncing around so we have been flat but at the moment we are high three tenths of 1% for U.S. stocks 50 futures So perhaps the tone is changing as also I see now Dow Jones even features are just into the green S&P 500 even if it's still down The ring based on the spot index is stronger tenth of 1% because of the restrictions added by the prime minister yesterday you saw the pound sink It's been trading low for three weeks and it slumped yesterday The spot price at the moment is flat at one 32 zero three So that's a look at some of the key issues in terms of the markets and futures Let me take you to our top stories though because Boris Johnson has put this plan be into effect now So it tightens pandemic rules across England Bloomberg's Charles cape gives you the details From next week people in England will be advised to work from home and vaccine passports will be required in large venues masks or face coverings will also be required in more settings like cinemas from Friday Johnson said it is becoming clear that the omicron variant was growing faster than the delta variant It came at the end of a chaotic day for the prime minister in which he apologized in the House of Commons After a video emerged showing key aids joking about a Christmas party last year when such parties were banned Allegra Stratton one of the aids in the video offered her resignation in a tearful statement The new measures will be reviewed by early January at the latest in London Charles cable blue book daybreak Europe But of course Boris Johnson's plan B to curb the spread of omicron comes at a cost Bloomberg economics predicts the price tag could be as high as 2 billion pounds per month for the British economy The restrictions prompted business groups to call for government support the trades union Congress says that the furlough program should be revived and the CBI says firms would need help implementing COVID passports Meanwhile on a separate issue UK employers have increased starting salaries at a record pace in November That's according to a survey by the recruitment and employment confederation and KPMG They say that firms are being forced to boost compensation to tackle what they call an unsustainable shortage of workers starting salary inflation is at its highest since data collection began back in 1997 So those are some threads in the UK but apple is on the verge of reaching stock market a stock market value of $3 trillion This is less than four years after becoming a $1 trillion listing Shares rally to another record high take its valuation beyond the market cap of Germany's entire stock market That says the company won a delay to a court ordered change to its App Store marking a victory in its ongoing legal battle with the Fortnite maker Epic Games For more details on this apple story I want to bring in Alex Webb for our Bloomberg quick take team Alex this has been a humdinger hasn't it The back and forth and very fundamental to Apple in terms of how you pay for things how the App Store works So what has the reprieve been exactly Well essentially that this decision was being appealed or is being appealed by Apple and the initial move had been to say well you've got to follow the decision until that appeal is decided that has been fit on its head that essentially they don't have to change anything until the appeal has been resolved And the reason this is significant is not just of course about the App Store economy but it's about controller ever almost reality I'm trying to put things you want to be in this space as the next spring apple is getting the product Okay Alex I'm just having a little bit of difficulty hearing you on the line It is it is a very interesting moment isn't it So I suppose the next question really is why apple's share prices rallied quite so much I mean how significant invest is actually think this decision by the court of now is and what it has meant for the share price What's your view on that I'm sorry sorry I missed the last part of that I was just going to say the share price is rallied so much to how to invest at see all of this I mean it's quite interesting because it's clearly at a very high level right now bigger than the entire German economy as a German stock market It is actually above its 12 month target price Analysts had set the 12 month target price that essentially where they thought shares could land in size the next 12 months at a $169 is now at a 175 That doesn't mean that there aren't some unless you think go further yesterday we saw one in particular boost her target price to $200 They still see some headroom not necessarily the potential to go another $1 trillion clearly But don't forget there are more products coming in the next decade in the next four or 5 years not least in that augmented reality space and potentially also the automotive industry as well Okay fascinating Alex thank you so much for being with us That is blueberries Alex Webb there from our quick take team just giving us the latest in terms of the Apple court case with epic and what that has meant for us sawing share price at Apple Right let's get over to Bloomberg's Hannah George who has the latest in global news for us today Hi Hannah hi Caroline and thank.

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