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Study looked at child maltreatment data between in two thousand ten and two thousand sixteen Liz Woodruff with the group Idaho Voices for children says access to healthcare can relieve stress from chronic illnesses and other health related issues issues for parents and importantly they financial stability and that financial stability also reduces stress with family makes parents more available to be good parents to their kids. Ed Seventy thinks that that's what the research shows in the study window thirty one states had expanded their medicaid programs in nineteen had not researchers also looked at physical abuse use rates but found no significant difference due to expansion when Idaho voters decided to expand the program last year about sixty two thousand people were in the coverage gap making too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford insurance enrollment in Idaho's expanded program begins on November first study other Emily Brown and Assistant Professor Sir of Pediatrics at the University of Washington says a few claims about the benefits of Medicaid expansion drove this research the fact that Medicaid expansion was associated with improved improved mental health outcomes for low income parents in some studies and also improved financial stability while would drift believes expanding Medicaid is good for Idaho. She's worried about state legislators decision to apply work reporting requirements. We'll have busy. Families with busy lives that are already in stressful situations. We have parents that are possibly working all queue job and finally bury Sherman reports a midsummer Algal Bloom is once again turning western Lake Erie's waters green and vase predicted to become fairly severe researchers say it could be even worse. The severity of this year's bloom is forecast to be a seven point five on a scale of zero to ten director of the National Center for Water Quality Research at Heidelberg University Law Johnson explains that's larger than last year but smaller than in two thousand fifteen when a bloom exceeded exceeded the scale at ten point five and she says this year's bloom started to form a couple of weeks ago fairly mild not much there but it seems like it's really shown up with with this heat wave that came through it's moving around. It's growing in some spots not another's or starting to get mixed into the water column in different ways and any of these things are possible she she adds the current Algal Bloom stretches from Mommy Bay north along the Michigan Coast in about thirty miles east along the Ohio coast to the Portage River. The bloom is expected to stay confined into the Western basin and peak in September by the way Tuxes in Algal blooms are dangerous for people and animals they have for local fishing boating and other recreational atia activities. I.

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