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Business plan product sourcing generation but over the last two years to in house. We really dived deeper into the bittu generation. So last year we've on specialized we re. It's not rebranded because we still have the same name. But it's actually changed our focusing bisbee so now. We specialize in baotou generation for for high ticket service providers and all that like marketing agencies experienced software development. Experience in consulting. Experience is not all connected into the bisbee. A company were yeah. We tried to share that. In the book on this podcast on these webinars redoing and i can accumulate. That's why set my entire experiences in the to be work. I've never done any work in the b. to see some really lost in that space and in particularly into the high ticket so that's really the short version for the longer one. I do really need the beer. Well we have heard this story lots of time. But i must say newer Salt but natasha serious lung Here the Up russia it's a remarkable journey of been on. Can you tell us more about it. Well i don't have such an impressive story as done. Just however i thought that is anita thurn. Few years ago at bisbee Soul after a while after the program. I have been offered the job. There is a business analyst but bacon. The time i was the plan to go out of the country and do some work outside of so i dropped the chance then And when i came back to the country actually. I got an offer. Different company source started there But something. I have done me that something was missing. Me is the bisbee period. Then it wasn't right for me so soon after dead over like you me. Actually the project manager big bend. Call me and offered me the job again. So this time. I took the chance and i went back to bisbee business Then as the services of bisbee volt. I evolved this well. Also why was promoted to an outbound growth visionless after a while. I became a project manager. And here i am today. The ceo of the victim be outrage agency I have to admit an very proud of this..

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