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Right. And there's there's a lot going on in that comment. But i think the main one is is one that we have if you've been in northern colorado for any amount of time you look around and you recognize that grows is coming at us in all directions that you drive through cities that you feel like you know like the back of your hand and then you turn around. And there's a new housing development that you don't recognize peop- people are moving here because of the great quality life of northern colorado and that there's jobs and a great economy and so it's not a matter of whether there's water available it's a matter of people are moving here and utility managers are having to make sure that they've got the water available for those folks who are moving in making this vibrant vibrant region and see. That was my take on it. His use of the word enable and again. I'm not getting into the weeds here and parsing through the lexicon and attacking him on his word choice but to say it would enable unrestrained population growth if with ness to me as you so cogently reference. Jeff it's not a matter of if it's a matter of they are moving into the state people are coming to the state and we're going to need those resources in the future and given the fact that it is a rather lengthy process. Well it'd be. Who's all of us to get behind these projects. It's not like nisf is driving population growth. Am i wrong correct. And if this were to be denied that wouldn't stop the faucet of people and send one of those one of those faucets is also our children and grandchildren My children are growing up in there. I if all things being equal. I sure love to have them live close enough that if i were to have grandkids that i could visit him in car. Drive rather than an airplane's like and so. Yeah i if this were to be shut off. That doesn't mean that there's going to be zero growth. It means that the growth is going to be much less planned and And these water providers are going to be competing with each other rather than cooperating with each other going through permiting process and making a good project. Now paul also reference to that the nist project would include building a new two hundred eight thousand foot. High earth fill dam one mile wide at the mouth of the shooter and would use pumps to lift water from the river address. That concern if you would. And he's absolutely right that water storage colorado means building dams when the first when the first pioneers came out to eastern colorado. There's no natural lakes here. If you want to store water you have to build a dam and so two point about look there's gonna be a large dam and you're gonna have to pump water into it. That's exactly how harder lake is filled today that there's actually multiple dams and water is lifted through the colorado big thompson project. Up into the reservoir horse tooth reservoir again has four dams that hold that waterhen so the fact that there's a damn that's not unusual in colorado that that's water storage and that's that's been generations proven that that's a an effective an efficient way to store water in colorado northern colorado's voice one or three point one thirteen ten k. k. mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios joined this morning by jeff..

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