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It's been pitched in many, many ways as a almost a hotel version which seems we've got the continental off of John whip. It almost feels like it could occupy the same place. You have heightened world where there's different types of currency. There's a set of rules that on the surface level society. No one is aware of, but there's this subject to all the criminals coexist in this kind of criminal universe. It's genius love the idea that they're all members of this hotel. You have to be a member to use the facilities and there are different hotels. It's not being members. So house red, isn't it? Bickham rock. When the police have shot, you know, Pat you on. We might do that until probably. We'll say, Groucho Marx, quote, I couldn't afford it. That is the quote. I wouldn't be a member of any club that I couldn't afford to be a member of. I think that's what he said. Found, yes, four stars then for hotel artists. Good casts. Really Jodie Foster playing against type plain old than she is. And I thought they petits to rock this movie as well. He did good stuff all around four stars hotel artists, Helen's heart out approaches an extra Bley. Yes. So you probably want me to get a move on. It would be nice change. So we'll be talking about mama, Mia, hey, we go again. I don't know the next. Yes. So this is the sequel to mama, Mia, but sequel and prequel because it goes over all the stuff that we already knew from the first one, but I get to see it. I really didn't need to see the first one because it's act- actually. So in the first one, of course, among the scf reds was getting married. Dominant Cooper was all like, oh, I went to my my dad's wedding. I don't know which of my mum's three boyfriends from that one summer. He was an her mom Meryl Streep, was all like, oh, don't worry about it. And so she invited three men because her moment oversee kept really good records of where they lived in who they were and and they'll turn up into cheek figure out which one to find out. No, she decides that the important thing is to have the mole. DNA what she did. She decides against that. We don't look, we find out. So there's no resolution to this film. There is resolution because her mom gets together with Pierce Brosnan. This is the first one, so don't shout at me. Oh, okay. That's why I thought it because I knew she got together brought home the, he was the dad, all just unfolds. We find out in this one. I couldn't possibly say that would be a spoiler anyway. Do this special from here we go. You can do that. So this is later and so fee, which is Amanda ciphers Carter's is trying to reopen the hotel that her mom work donor. Hawaii hotel Altemus. It's the hotel, Bella Donna, Donna being Herman's name. Meanwhile, we cut back to nineteen Seventy-nine where lily James is the young Meryl Streep, and she is graduating Oxford in graduation ceremony, unlike any that chain and heads off to find herself on a small Greek island and also find some hot Taty on the way top Taty. So Helen, objectify men. Again, I'm just look for in a film where lily James stars. I don't feel men are being objectified here, like there is clearly enough. I candy for the gentlemen or the woman funds here as well. So. Enough of that please anyway. So she goes off so Grayson romantic tangle moments and shoe. And the thing for me about this film is there's way too much of this past stuff because we know that she gets together with these three different guys over the course of the summer, and ultimately we don't care that much. They all seem quite nice. Something has to tear them apart and something obviously will. But like it doesn't really matter. Everything is going to work out fine because before ready seen the future. So the future stuff is a bit more interesting..

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