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He's going to be better than it is a standout on Dad and I look like Matty Stafford making a garden, right? He did have a great time. Anybody quite 45. I'll find conferring with Senator Martin. But it was not ready to have to become playmakers s so it really makes me being he frequently get it all done here. I need to be the one he got here and the random basis from significant gains. Anticipate. I'm gonna be in the playoffs influence anyone But level staffer be in classical feeding that That's what defines every quarterback really in the NFL and a career. He could've old regulars, especially one but in the postseason, and that really is still a big mystery for Matt Cooper. And if something can't dad and you know the numbers, you see the numbers, But last time a player supposed to tell you it's a whole other ballgame, Lindy and I'm not going to poke the bear with my wife. I just see a lot of court connections with all through this. There's a company that made that reference. Maybe try to go get a quarterback and didn't work in fools you seem to be going to the quarterback makes commercials effort, but I also look at recent, there was optimism, according to juggle. It was just great defense, and it's definitely way Nick Forces have to be decent people have been decent. There's still work to be done. There's not a drop off from that. There's defense and everyone the rims on Graham's legal defense. It is what kept the minute the best defensive NFL Aaron but in defense is keep playing. That way. You will get the same situation. Chicago New defense Corner human things like your Tweet, new defensive coordinator in Los Angeles with Brennan Seeley moving over the Chargers in sort of yours, but also because like when a boy he's gonna be a manager can't say it left. There's been the reason why so many other music about that. Gotta run something down there building long maybe those medicine they're not going in there as long as you have them is going to be a very good defense. But I don't know one from the top defense. There's only one way to go and I'm down in maintaining under one and a very, very difficult to do obviously come down here. But more will come in his movie. Really Nothing in that report is going to be asked about It didn't say defense because Freddie Moore's never run the NGO reports aioli and let alone was he here last Monday Kind of treatment. Where is all my silly? Will be delivered in a week. Like I'm his assistant. The randomness into remain to take any more of this, he hands so that's going to be really interesting. He had an ample on men like you mentioned a letter to the way they're Troy Hill there, John John and number of free agents who are probably whenever in sizable paydays. You know when we're gonna just take it with a market value it and it would be quite surprised Those guys are able to return. What impact imitation is going to be when you're paying Mackey staff when you're paying Donald dealing Randy under reversed. I mean, Robert Wood Cooper public significant contract that you have to fight a lot really expanded palette telepathic around. Lindsay Theory, start using Amanda Porter. Thanks so much for the insight. He appreciated you go have a good day and feel your phone's gonna be blowing up. Nobody got everything it later. Yes, we represent progress, and you could save anybody home. Looks like our beer poachers coming up. Terrible a week from today. Can we have elevated through entire NFL season? We got lots of people. It's one week away. We're discussing actually did anything for you anything except his work to people first round the uniform from it, and that's what Shaun walking towards We're breaking down. 30 Bucks revealed all season six Monday morning, Jalen Nice meeting up over and over to pee is not okay. But.

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