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Out tap sports bar for music food and drink specials every Sunday. I'll be 21, please play responsibly for help visit any gambling help dot org or what hunter gambler. This is WTO news. At 7 23 power is expected to be restored by late tomorrow night in a North Carolina county that's been in the dark for days after an attack on a power grid. The outages started Saturday night after police say someone drove up to two electric substations and fired at them with a gun or guns who did it? Well, that's still under investigation, though more county commission chairman Nick persono had a message for them. Whoever the perpetrator is, I can assure you I hope they turn the power off in the cell they put you in. 35,000 people still without power there. Meantime, as the investigation into what happened at those North Carolina substations continues, the power companies that keep your lights on around here are paying close attention. WTO reached out to Dominion Energy Pepco and BGE and while none of the company spoke of stepping up security specifically in response to the North Carolina situation, they all as you'd imagine are monitoring things. Dominion says it's talking with federal state and local law enforcement, intelligence agencies and industry peers to proactively assess what's happening a state over. BGE and Pepco both part of Exelon had a similar response and in a joint statement says they're constantly investing to make sure their systems are secured and they do drills to respond to evolving threats. Mike Murillo WTO news. The captain of the giant cargo ship that ran aground in the Chesapeake Bay earlier this year has had his license suspended. The decision by the Maryland board of pilots was made in October, but it was not released until today, Steven was captain of the ever forward when it got stuck in the mud back in March, unsticking that ship took 35 days, a state official says a thorough review of evidence and expert analysis led to the board's decision, will have a chance to formally challenge it in a hearing. 7 25 money news. At 25 and 55, here's Joan dogger. This is a Bloomberg money minute. It's a big blow to met a platform's ad selling formula

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