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Is the business of sports from Bloomberg radio with Scott saw Schneck, Michael Barr and Evan Novi William. Thank you very much for joining us. We hear each and every week for you at the same time talking to the biggest names in sports. And today, we're speaking with Frank Bono partner at sixteen w marketing, he's a leader in the sports marketing industry, having consulted for more than half of the teams in the NFL and go record-breaking partnerships in sponsorship licensing and merchandising Frank. Let's talk about one of these upstart professional sports leagues, the XFL relaunching. They're playing in the spring. So they're not competing with the NFL, but they are playing NFL cities New York, Tampa, Houston, L, A, etc. Is that the right approach? I actually had a conversation with offer luck about that of the national football foundation, college football, hall of fame dinner, and he said Frank, you know, I asked him about it. And he said, you know, we think our fans are going to be the die hard football fans. And where else would you find diehard football fans, but? In the cities where NFL was played know, I think that's questionable. But we'll see how they are going to play in the spring, which is great. I think there's still a desire for football, particularly the month of February after Super Bowl ends. But I think the A F going into markets that are, you know, great cities and good football cities. But not NFL cities is a smart move. And I wanna talk about something about the emotion of a product that you were with you assisted the New Orleans Saints post, Hurricane Katrina, and you help secure millions of dollars in revenue during that time and the future of the team was in doubt of being in Louisiana, not because the city didn't love him. But because of all of the the horrific stuff that was going down there. Can you take us through that time? What that was like. Yeah. You know, I'm getting choked up again goosebumps just says you're talking about that I have tremendous emotions about that whole entire experience. It's one of the reasons, frankly, I really believe firmly that Paul Tagliabue's the pro football hall of fame, but that's another subject Paul was instrumental in in in making it happens for the saints in for the dome. You know, I was on the first plane down with Roger Goodell who was sued Commissioner at the time, Paul Tagliabue, and gene Upshaw Mr. Benjamin was gonna move the team to San Antonio because open to that time. You didn't have a hell of a lot of corporate support the city of New Orleans all of its key business people. And so on just said if. The Superdome goes dark and the saints move away. Our city could actually die or city could really go away. Because it'll send a message to the world that our our city is dark, and our city has has died, and what went on inside that stadium which was horrific. It was horrific the police actually left because they feared for their own lives. So what went on? There was just horrible. But Paul stood on the floor of the stadium and said the Doug Thornton, you can we need to have this open for next season December and he wanted to make sure he wanted to get it open by September. And doctor said that's not possible we had holes in the roofs. The place was just all the floor was ripped up. The place was destroyed and Paul said, well, what if what if I go to all the NFL owners, and I get them to kick in. So we can get this started and Doug so well that would help a lot. So paulin. The owners had them contributed a million dollars each to get the renovation started. And then we work with FEMA relentlessly after that, and ultimately spent one hundred and eighty million dollars to renovate the place, and when we reopened we couldn't get it. Open for the first game this season. It was a little story that just shows you some sometimes you scratch your head. I was working with the NFL folks who are in charge of network broadcasts. And I said, you know, we gotta get their first game on television on Monday night. And they were like, well, you know, it's not so good. Like, are you kidding me? Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You're telling me the TV people at the NFL didn't understand the compelling narrative of getting the saints game on TV. That's sad. Still work there. Okay. Good. That's what that's what I'm telling you. So little known secrets I won't name names with you probably look up the date anyway. That was. We got Monday night, and you know, well up with New Orleans performers in. You too in just the whole thing. And the return when we were outside that stadium. People started gathering on the concourse for five hours before the gates open just in tears and just so excited, you know, one of the most emotional times in my professional career. I was there with all the folks outside it was just tugging. And it was just celebration. Just wanted a great. It stays in my in my career so Miami when they won the Super Bowl. I was absolutely absolutely. No. I'm a big New York Giants fan, but I've got a place in my heart for the saints forever up next our conversation with sixteen w marketing partner Frank.

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