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The aim is to make metro rail lines more passenger friendly metro rector jim derwin skis the guest on our at issue program this weekend and you can hear more of his thoughts sunday at nine thirty a._m. and nine thirty pm craig delamore newsradio one oh five point nine f._m. the kane county sheriff's department is the latest law enforcement agency in the area to offer drug addicts away to get help it's called away out sheriff ron haines says the object is to get treatment for people with drug problems to do that they need to contact the kane county sheriff's department and ask for help the sheriffs this will then help find a treatment center for that person people are more likely to communicate issue they're having through text in the twenty nineteen in the walk into believes to ask for help and away up you can walk into the sheriff's office call the sheriff's office or click on the tip for one one link on the sheriff's homepage to text that you need help bernie to newsradio one five point nine f._m. police in lake county illinois say they found no credible threat to the civil war days festival the event was scheduled take place to lie thirteen and fourteen lakewood forest preserve and kanda was canceled because of threats and concerns about participants safety officials have not elaborated on the contents of the threats traffic and weather together coming up next w._b._z. news time to seven stylized lounge presents an evening progressive folks let's you just saved by bundling home and auto progressive that gal of yours ugo send my condolences This next. progressive casualty insurance company affiliated discounts on in all states or situations my hands make metal fly my hands can fix anything my hands serve part time in the air national guard and save lives but my hands can't do it alone become a maintaining at go dot com or call us at one eight hundred te'o geo a n g sizzling sprint weekend this weekend only switched to sprinting at one hundred dollars via prepaid mastercard for each new phone you lease that's right you'll get one hundred dollars for each new flown get.

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