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You believed if it does not necessarily. You wouldn't ask that question so a christian must be a person who has the influences of the holy spirit that the holiest mcclay a significant role in your life in everything you do is not only for pretty offer. Witnessing by in every area of our lives we need the holy spirit's hallelujah. You hear him tell you as a person. What influences you life is it your sensuality. You'll at glibness that drives all devil spirit save be filled with the holy spirit allow the holy spirit through a man yell to the holy spirit to direct is very very important. A christian without the spirit of god cannot go in new way please. I'm not accommodate you. There's coming through and being failed or led by the holy spirit reminds eight fourteen as many as leg by disputes. The so if you are not led by the spirit you are not son. Doesn't matter whether you leave the house or you. Buffy the house it is those late who are led as many and you can join the mini. I said you can join. The mini was mixture. You are part of the menu late by the holy spirit led by your feelings. Your sentiments hallelujah. Please i beg is very important to is it. That's articulate dumped steady. The forest with steadied the book for a long time. There are many boots you have to did. But the key material that are the busey. I said if they're all is not part of your life it also because you have the holiest everything at krisztian leap by the influence. Influence that the whole 'esprit mal dictate to you. What do you like to do if they slip. And he's a no after visit somebody. You not be pleased. Sometimes he won't sleep rest too busy and the oldest biz into everything on yesterday. There was a mini progression about this. I didn't we knew about three programs. Swatted arrests and to hold. And yes. and that's got up. I started reading a book and the book was like were popping their writings into my mind. So like i was copied the messages into my spirit's then i understood why holds interests because cross. Listen then fell familial friends. Somebody had maybe education. I should have been. There are blessed marriage wrists. Yes i had to go to cousin of It would or. Did i say reverend minister. I should be there. I see wrist. So that was a run at makarios river. Meanest dane law. I should have been there s. No no no. No i want you to understand what we said. The holy spirit. It's not about preaching alone. Your whole life must be controlled by the holy spirit for you. It gives you a different dimension of reality of life wasn't a arrested for some time talent busy business. Be so busy for the of this yet after now. So many from ras so many disabilities for trump. Go yup yup. I woke up. And i started reading. The book is like if copy the book has been translated. Photocopied that writings into my spirits. And the because very difficult to read but said the cost of the spirit smick wicked witches is it to read hallelulah. So what. I'm trying to teach you is that you need the holy spirit in every aspect of life. Hallelujah if you want to marry you need holistic dying you to the right choice. Hey today's fifteen. I just remember the fifteenth of august. Boy.

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