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Always always acting today. S right nina. Vent the lean versus volkov's militia man against drago. Ab the ream. All day. picking up vicky marine kaz lately. I've been not eeking arena. And he's been winning. Oh i'm gonna pick ream on this one. Even though volkov is fucking dangerous agai alicja thirty. Because i met him. Danger is well. I got one thing to say to dan. Hardy three round decision. Walk out here. Greg greg hardy. Yeah they all recipes again. I did say dan greg hardy greg. Hardy was a decision again. Couldn't finish greg hardy. He's saying i get you. Yeah well if released prediction. I mean rudy. You've been predicting the overeen title run for. I mean back in episode thirty. Y'all now we're we're forty six episodes later and here. He is one one fight away hopefully from a title shot. But you never know. i mean. i don't see him losing man. I don't team losing not to anybody in this division. All the people that they thought he would lose to lose man and he talking the actually one those in dominating fashion so was on a roll guys like on a roll man. You can't A question for you guys. I mean the winner of this. Like john jones or john gonna top shot winner of a steeper that's racist among member. This dudes posted bail. Jones comes in and makes his debut heavyweight. You like everybody else. Data by is gonna give him the first title shot. Just because john john's they're not gonna give him a fight just for the hell of it now just having me think march right. they're fighting next one. It's mar chats. I think it's your see to sixty. You're stupid a new ovary me. Come out if you come out wing. Wayne come on clean. I'm like giving by right before. John jones steps in or do you over kind of weight back and let let the john jones kinda. Come in your mind for him. Now have that kind of time. Yeah green lands. The walk is going to win. Needs to do the call out right there when they do that in ring interview not all john jones says i'm ready and then sidestep run of battle shot because i think town i don't know how many episodes back it was. We all kind of said that the heavyweight intrigue of john jones west to fight alastair overeating bill but but then again we did predict that. This was the fight for over the vocal by. We predicted essiet to so. But i agree. I mean if he comes out unscathed puts volkov out out. I mean honestly. John jones that keep fought but his name coming back from two years doing coke and fucking around and he fought. What's his face in. Couldn't finish him over insane crew Iran i mean. I don't see that it's not a possibility that he could fight over and over and forty one years old. He's fought everyone in the world and at heavyweight. That's a great for john. Jones come into the heavyweight division. It's also siree fight dude. Oh man been leaving a steep a if he's fighting in ghana steep only fights once every two years exactly what i mean like like over him and they call her talk shop now or lake. John does waiting in the wings. So it's like you open. God wins and you get that. Maybe not aware because there's so much with each other destroyed gathered. He's came back from so much shit too. That's why i like the some of with each other to jones. I mean over in training at jackson's like i've had the. I've had the privilege of being there when a training for st bay. I don a couple of segments on that too for fight network and epa was training. You know groundwork since work against the steeping meal gic will happen. In that fight he nearly had steep a tapped out. You go back and watch the fight and people are taking all it's not gonna go that way but st l. stover instill the best guild heavyweights in the division as old as many wars. He's been in lip split. Open a oh to fuck and moon by a francis in ghana tawny. He's still here. And definitely i'd like him in the fight. I think volkov's tough shit but just to skilled. And i think he probably can finish him in under five and my prediction will probably be also tko fourth round. Second round second round could be acquitted of those click nights editor alexa. The fight gets canceled. That's only way not see this. You got him winning by umbach ni. If our jones over in predicted comes to fruition. I mean we. We've called it in august. That this bobby could be the what it could be but volkov over. We predicted that too. So all these things happening lovely. And if y'all it's watching or listening good archives us. i'm going to change it to spinning heel. Hook all the old razzle dazzle what we call it in a gym razzle-dazzle the cheese out if the rim goes down though some reason he still going to stay relevant. He's still gonna fight. He's gonna be like rapid matches matches like forty one years. Old will probably still be talking about him. Comp- eaten some capacity two years old or he could take over the women's division just by claiming these trans rush around women's heavyweight champion bill. He sixty every human bareknuckle was too much. I think he's a like a a real fighter. Like you know what. I mean like like a mixed martial artists. Yeah you've kick clock series two skillful that stuff man. He would beat up everybody there too. And that's it can only past fights every two weeks but probably chaz against the ovary stand a chance. No dude as much.

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