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Well, that's three out of four. Charity's putting it off like she is waiting on. Bohemia Ramsey coming back. Find those of you who are complete. Well, maybe just because Jerry is not complete doesn't mean. She hasn't been doing a shopping anybody shop with cashiers it just me cash cash only cash man, you can freak some people out with that. Reaching your pocket and pull out cash, and they look at you like, you're gotta leprosy or something. Yeah. Friday since I wasn't here. I guess it was about six six fifteen something like that. I popped into the WalMart, and you know, by my own Christmas presents, but that's by design on them. And then somebody else wraps them bought them. And I went through the little self checkout and threw in a hundred dollar Bill. Oh, yeah. Get seventy two dollars in some change back. It gave me two five to one some change and said, see attendance. You broke it. It was six fifteen in the morning, you want to guess how long I was there before somebody could. Opening up, seven o'clock minutes. More than ten minutes there until five till seven says that this was about six twenty. Yeah. It takes a fast I shot by God. I walk in at six seventeen and I was at the checkout and see how we doing. Get it. You know, what I need our prayers continue this morning for the folks in southeast four people have already died due to that massive winter storm and my prayers today will not include the south California nuns who were accused of embezzling five hundred thousand dollars from southern California Catholic school so that they could travel and go gambling time for Sean Hannity's morning minute. Your radio. Here's a Sean Hannity morning. The FBI knew that that the dossier.

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