Gordon Smith, Norma Desmond, Michael Michael discussed on The Vulture TV Podcast - A Closer Look at Better Call Saul's 'Chuck McGill'


But dumb fund to fun and of course notice it's it's i as i'm sure it's obvious errand that's that's one unbroken take yeah that's it's a it's a begin tomen editing this is beautifully edited because skip holds on this and we don't see the reactions of everyone in the courtroom until michael has michael michael has as little break at the end of that it's it's it's it's it's everybody working to adults i have to give credit by the way to a gordon smith wrote the episode and dan seconds maccari direct i felt that they never thought about what they were going to use i just in know we just did it over and over because you have to so i don't know but but didn't know what there is the first i've seen it we i've only seen here watch that we don't we outing up with the show you're on what are you now hi loria or have i've seen the three episodes it's largely because this season now this season i've seen their thing like i don't like to watch alone because they feel like norma desmond with her movie oh i like having i like having friends and family round and we just been geographicallyseparated you know a allotted kinda busy of doing this play my wife was doing of play and it was just sort of just kinda got behind in our business so uh i've been avoiding it i mean look will catch up.

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